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Unordinary Tales - Issue #4

This issue we talk about being late and then trying to recover plus Saturday morning cartoons. 

Unordinary Tales

April 29 · Issue #4 · View online
Unordinary Tales is a monthly newsletter about comics/graphic novels, genre movies/tv shows and occasionally pop culture.

This issue we talk about being late and then trying to recover plus Saturday morning cartoons. 

Lorem Ipsum: Reading and Time Management
This newsletter is so very late. I am so sorry. I had travel for work at the end of March and then playing catch up with life seeped into April and here we are almost to the end of month. The good news is that I was able to finish A Wrinkle in Time during my trip and I also read more on a fantasy fiction formula. Though not so good news is that this puts me SIX books behind my two books a month goal. This is an embarrassingly horrible showing. I have recently tried some hyper scheduling to carve out time for reading though we’ll have to see how that goes in practice?
Read: A Wrinkle in Time ( (
My childhood was very remiss in not reading a Wrinkle in Time. The book interweaves the fundamentals for understanding reality and a humanistic story on a pair of siblings trying to find their father. The relationship between the siblings is nuanced and in-depth while the relationship between the parents is tender and real. The book also revels in children being different and smart kids chaffing against the system. I really liked it and would recommend it to anyone.
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle | LibraryThing
Watch: Ladybug and Cat Noir (
I loved Saturday morning cartoons as a kid and now that I am a parent I was hoping to pass that tradition onto my kids. The trouble now is that we don’t get regular tv and that many current shows don’t have strong female leads or even any female leads (which guiltily I didn’t always notice till being a parent; note to self = check privilege). Not something I want my kids to see in their formative years.
Thankfully, my wife found this great show on Netflix by a French producer that has been dubbed and released to the American audience. The show features two tweenish kids (Marinette and Adrien) who are secretly super heroes (Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively) trying to save Paris from the episode baddie, while also maintaining their secret identities and their school lives. It is frankly adorable and I actually enjoy watching it with the kids. 
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir | Netflix
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