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Unordinary Tales - Issue #3

In this newsletter we discuss more reading failure and few some good reads to help you make it thru t

Unordinary Tales

March 16 · Issue #3 · View online
Unordinary Tales is a monthly newsletter about comics/graphic novels, genre movies/tv shows and occasionally pop culture.

In this newsletter we discuss more reading failure and few some good reads to help you make it thru the month.

Loren Ipsum: Starts, Stops and Coughs
During February, I continued to read thru a Wrinkle in Time ( started Without a Net (, and the Fantasy Fiction Formula ( without finishing any. They are all good reads and seem to speak to different parts of my soul. This month seemed plagued (no pun intended) by illness and a busy time at MPOW, which lead to diminishing reading time. Prior to kids, being ill was generally time to read though with kids it is not really an option anymore. I had hoped to have the Wrinkle in Time completed by the time the movie came out though that was not the case (sadly). I have been looking more how I spend my time lately to carve out more time to read though it has been hard. My “To Read’ list grows more and more as I get recommendations from my wife and other readers I know. 
Read: Cordelia's Honor
This selection is a solid genre read, which I have been trying to expand beyond though the book is so good that I can’t help but mention it to y'all. The author, Lois McMaster Bujold (, writes compelling characters (particularly strong female characters) amid a grounded nearish future science fiction setting that looks at gender and power. I can’t recommend it enough. (Plus, if you like this book she has a whole series that follows the same family albeit mostly her son as the main protagonist.)
Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold | LibraryThing
Watch: Forever
There seems to be a growing trend in the fantastical procedural (i.e. standard genre show with a twist like a medical examiner who is also a Zombie). Forever aired back in 2014 and only lasted for a single season much to the sadness of my family who adored the show. The premise was simple: a seemingly immortal man (played amazingly by Ioan Gruffold) takes a job as the medical examiner in NY city and uses his extensive knowledge (gained over his 200+ year lifespan) in aiding the police solve crimes. Throughout the standard whodunit procedural cases the writers interweaved information about the immortals life and his search for why he can’t seemingly to die. It had so much potential and was criminaly cut short though you can now watch the entire series for FREE on CW Seed. 
Forever Video - | Watch Free On
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