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Unordinary Tales - Issue #2

Welcome to the 2nd issue, which covers reading goals, and snow days. 

Unordinary Tales

February 4 · Issue #2 · View online
Unordinary Tales is a monthly newsletter about comics/graphic novels, genre movies/tv shows and occasionally pop culture.

Welcome to the 2nd issue, which covers reading goals, and snow days. 

Lorem Ipsum: Expanding my Horizons
In 2018 I am trying to read more in both volume and also expand my literary horizons beyond authors I have been reading for years (whom I love though are not the most diverse). I love reading (particularly science fiction and fantasy) though as I have gotten older I have found my time for reading had diminished. This year I want to read 2 new books a month at minimum and I am using this newsletter in part to keep myself honest and document my reading.
January has been a tough month as we’ve had snow days, which means This One and That One has been home from school. Gone are the days when snow days meant curling up all day with a good book and coffee all-day. Now I am an on-duty parent, which can be magical though not conducive to reading quietly (not yet at-least).
For January I chose two novels that fall within sci-fi though one is a classic, A Wrinkle in Time ( by Madeline L'Engle and the other a new entry, the Power ( by Naomi Alderman.
I read the Power first and while it took we a few chapters to fall into the switching narrative I loved it. Good sci-do turns the world on its head and makes you think. The Power is scifi at its best and is very apropos in our current societal climate.
I am only 1/3 thru A Wrinkle in Time so I fell short of my goal in January (as I said I wanted this newsletter to keep me honest). I am enjoying the book so far it combines the strong familial relationships with a metaphysical component. I am looking forward to completing the novel post-haste to start of my Feburary books. (If anyone has any recommendations please send them along.)
Read: Bingo Love
Growing up I mostly read super hero comics though that is only a small fraction of the comics that are available. Romance comics have a significant history and Bingo Love ( is a fantastic addition to the genre. I first heard about the comic via Twitter in reference to the initial Kickstarter.
The comic is multi-layered. It is about a couple who meets in their teens and then become very close friends, which eventually develops into love over the objections of their families. The story then develops further to show how adults navigate their relationships (family etc) as they meet again fifty-years later. It is a fantastic story of enduring love and I highly recommend reading it.
Bingo Love OGN | Releases | Image Comics
Watch: Black Lighting
While I have not enjoyed DCs extended movie universe (save for Wonder Women which is an fantastic) the DC universe on TV is everything the DC movies are not: character driven, fun, heart-filled and emotional. Black Lighting is the latest DC show and while it is not officially in the same universe as Arrow, Flash etc. it brings everything great about those shows and then brings a whole new layer. As a father I love how the hero has a family and I many ways the fight is personal as his family is both a vulnerably and a strength. I have been watching the 
Black Lightning Video - LaWanda: The Book of Burial | Watch Online Free
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