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Letters ByDavey - Issue #28

Letters ByDavey
Hello there,
Hope life is treating you considerably well. In this edition, I’m wearing a copywriter’s hat. Almost all the elements of the edition revolve around copywriting & I’m loving it.
So without further adieu, let’s dive in.
SEO In the News
John Mueller was caught in a friendly one-sided cross-fire with a beginner who seemed to be a victim of impatience. A user published a post (read it as ‘complaint’) on Reddit to which John left the teacher with a harsh but helpful reply. The user spent time to built backlinks to his month-old site and inquired if there was something wrong with his approach.
“I’m torn about leaving a snarky reply, but to be a bit more useful, I’d consider that perhaps you’re not spending your time on things that are as effective for SEO as you’d like. Dropping links on random sites is not SEO anymore, it’s just spam. All search engines have had to deal & ignore these kinds of things for years now.” - John replied.
I’ve gone through the whole thread (it’s fun & useful) and one thing I noticed is the misconception about backlinks. People think that leaving comments with links to their blog is counted as backlinks. I’m a firm believer that backlinks can’t be built or bought, they’re earned. Backlinks are the most misunderstood concept under SEO, I’m preparing a guide on the same covering questions around it. Stay in the know, to get updates about it.
Tool of the week
I found this simple yet amazing visualizing tool that tells you how your pages will look on Google search. This tool is for non-wordpress users who don’t have a plugin for everything (SEO plugins have a snippet feature where you can preview your pages on SERPs). Simply enter the title, URL & description to see what your pages will look like. Simple & amazing.
Build-in-public announcements
I’ve gotten my landing page for the Blogging for Business Notion template, ready. I’ve ensured that the page is simple yet informative. I’ve done a 5-second test, load test, and semantic messaging test to see if my page is delivering the right message to the right people. Turns out, the page is doing a great job at all those factors.
Here’s how I ensured good performance.
  1. The very first fold is extremely important. It should tell exactly what the users are going to get here. In this case, it’s a notion template that will help you write faster. Of course, not in terms of typing speed, in terms of execution.
  2. In parallel, I’m working on getting testimonials from industry leaders. I will give them a copy for free and seek their feedback and improve based on that. I will also seek their testimonials that will go live on the landing page so that it helps me build trust. Unlike other landing pages, I will not have testimonials in one place, I will sprinkle them throughout the page, especially around the buy button.
  3. I’ve chosen Gumroad for payments. It’s well known and easy to use. I’ve tried Razorpay and Stripe. The payment gateway integration is too complex, which I don’t want right now. The challenge is to make the first dollar as fast as possible.
  4. I have also added a preview of the template (that can’t be duplicated) so that people can peep into what the template can do for them. It’s very important for you to show them what your product can do for them and not what it can do to them.
  5. Also, I’ve ensured that the page collects emails of those who don’t buy the ultimate edition. This is to ensure that I can reach out to them and upsell the template.
SEO Jobs
I really loved the name of the company. Knucklepuck is an SEO agency based out of the United States. The role is open for a Remote job and it offers up to $70,000/year as salary apart from other benefits. This role is for senior SEO consultants and the role is demanding as it’s majorly client-facing. The JD is descriptive enough to tell you everything about the job. Go help yourself.
Good Reads
Okay, so I said in the beginning, this edition is all about copywriting. We talked about copywriting for the landing pages, now will talk about an amazing article I read on a medium that compiled 30 tips for improving your copywriting skills. Just read this post. It’s just a 4-minute read.
Favorite Tweets
I’ve taken my reading habits seriously and this Twitter thread appeared in front of me. It talks about how reading more books can’t help you, but reading what your future self will appreciate will help more. It’s not about fiction or non-fiction, it’s about having your mind involved in one thing at a time. Reading is like meditation, not just like, I consider it one of the most lucrative forms of meditation. Read it with your mind in place.
That’s it for this one. I wish you a great week ahead.

Shubham Davey
Copywriting tip:
Talk about what it can do for them, and not what it can do to them.
Here's an example👇🏻
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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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