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Issue #27 - Making a million dollars writing online, Community to the rescue & more

Letters ByDavey
Hello there,
This week was much better, things have been in place. Thanks to the system I’ve created over the span of 4 weeks, researched several resources, and hours of work. It was worth it. Check out the preview here.
So, let’s get to the meat of this issue.
SEO News
Ukraine is facing the worst of times. The SEO community has come together in favor of Ukraine and Olesia Korobka created a resource to list jobs for war-affected people of Ukraine. Check out the resource here & here. What you can do is share this in your network or add resources to the sheet you’re aware of. Any little help can compound.
SEO Tool
One of the very first keyword research tools I ever used was Keywords everywhere. I was shocked to see that the tool is available for free, and it was free for as long as I used it. Right now, there’s a paywall but it’s incredibly cheaper than all other alternatives. I really like the fact that the tool is simple and delivers the most important element of SEO, keywords.
You simply install the chrome extension and see details of relevant keywords to your search term while Googling. Simple! One Google search, many opportunities. This tool is really helpful for new bloggers who need help expanding their reach by targeting more keywords. The paid version costs as little as $10/year. How cool is that? Check out this page to decide if you really need to pay for the tool or not.
As part of the announcements, there’s nothing much to add this week. I have a couple of things planned, but can’t reveal much about it right now. A couple of bold moves. But, I’ll keep you posted.
Good Reads
I recently read one of my favorite writer’s posts that blew my mind. In spite of being in this field for over a decade, I found so much value here. It’s Nicolas Cole, if you’re active on medium, I’m sure you’d know about him. Check out this post he published yesterday.
Highlights of the post:
  1. How writing what readers want to read can bring you dream clients (completely blew my mind🤯)
  2. 5 steps to make a million-dollar with your writing (also talks about the bottleneck you’ll reach after a certain point in time)
  3. Provide 99% of your content for free, even though the money you’re leaving on the table is lucrative, though, not always. You should learn to compare what’s more fruitful. What you leave on the table should be the hook to get more.
  4. This post will teach you how exactly to move forward with your strategy. Leaving aside your personal preferences of topics you want to write on, and what readers want to actually read. Bridge that gap.
Favorite tweet
This one is actually a thread. It’s an amazing thread I found on Twitter. It’s from the founder of UpLead and the thread goes on to talking how the company made 8 million in sales. This thread doesn’t talk about the generic learning you find everywhere on the web, although I can’t discard those learning, but this one’s different. I’ve never read this anywhere hence proving my point. The thread talks about practical steps that played a major role in making a company 8 million in annual revenue. Go check it out.
That’s it for this one, I’ll take your leave & see you in the next one.

Shubham Davey👋🏻
Two cute facts for #MondayMotivation

1) There are more founders than ever
2) All founders want to focus on building a personal brand

This invites endless opportunities for content creators if you can see through it.
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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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