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Issue #26 - Forget everything you know about Indexing (what has changed?)

Letters ByDavey
Hello there,
I have been pondering around the thought of restarting this newsletter for a very long time. I forced myself to write 25 editions here. I got exhausted very soon, because it wasn’t from within.
I wrote every day, I wrote weekly, bi-weekly, nothing worked. What I didn’t have, was a system in place. After spending several weeks creating a dashboard on Notion, I created a system for the newsletter as well.
Now things are smooth. Now I have a forecast of at least the next 30 editions ready, right now.
With that said, let me share what I have curated for you all this week.
SEO News
RankMath, one of the best SEO Wordpress plugins, has announced that it has integrated with IndexNow (Initiated by Microsoft & Yandex).
IndexNow is a ping service that informs the search engines upon changes on your site. Check out this documentation to know more about the whole process.
So now, if you have a Wordpress site & use RankMath, you won’t have to bother about informing search engines about the changes you make. RankMath will do that for you automatically in the background, you don’t even have to worry about manually informing search engines about the changes.
Check out this official blog from RankMath on how to use the IndexNow feature within your Wordpress dashboard.
SEO Tool
This week I have discovered a great tool that has several benefits, and best part is, its free. There are ads on all across the page, way too many ads, but you can get rid of it but subscribing to ad free version. It’s dirth cheap.
The tool I’m talking about is Small SEO Tools. It’s a toolkit, bloggers and SEOs will find very useful. SEO Tools is a house to text content tools, design tools, image editing tools, keywords research, SEO and more.
SEO Jobs
I found this job on Linkedin, the salary is amazing (up to $70,000) depending on your experience and expertise. Going through the description tells me that the job requires you to be technically advanced.
They’ve not mentioned anything about the experience level they’re looking for. I think it’s open for all and upon seeing your application they’ll decide if you’re meeting their benchmark or not. However, this job isn’t for absolute beginners. The job description mentions that the applicant should have prior experience in SEO.
Remeber I told in the beginning that I have created a notion template? Yeah, that’s live for preview and you can check it out here.
This template is for those who have content marketing job or freelance for clients. The template is easy to use, duplicate (if you already have notion) and feature rich. Do check it out and share your feedback here.
Good Reads
This is mindblowing piece of article I read recently. Even after writing for over a decade, I have learned so much from this article. The article is so amazing that I’ve added it to my bookmarks where I save content that I revisit occasionally. It’s like the holy book for writers.
Here are key points that this article covers:
  1. How to treat your writing commercially?
  2. A proven structure that many successful writers use & discussing these elements in detail
  3. This article also brushes upon making your article searchable on the web.
  4. If you write for print publication, you will have to add commercial intent to it. Since the readers won’t be ‘searching’ for your article. You don’t have an algorithm to please, its human to human.
  5. … just go and read the article. I don’t want to add more spoilers.
P.S: I read the post once again while writing this edition.
Favourite tweets
I recently connected with Hirishikesh Pardeshi on Twitter and found amazing value bombs on his profile. I immediately turned on the notifications to not miss out his tweets.
Check out this tweet where he has summarize 99.9% of all the successful businesses ever created. Getting the steps mentioned in the tweet, right, has taken years for businesses, and those who’ve got write have eventually made a dent in the universe.
That’s it for this one. Stay safe, take care & I’ll see you in the next one.

Shubham Davey👋🏻
Copywriting is arguing & the conclusion is to buy your product.
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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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