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Issue #25 - What is hell is optimizing for users & search engines mean?

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In other words, what type of content attracts organic traffic? When you think about it, you will understand that it’s not the traffic that you should focus on, it’s the preparation that goes into getting that traffic that makes the difference.
With that said, here are some ways you can create for users & optimize for search engines:
  1. Know your audience: Your audience has an intent while surfing the web. They need something and how desperate they are, depends on the commercial value of their search. Spend more time on understanding the scenarios that triggered their search and then the keywords they “probably” use to find the solution.
  2. Know your product: When you’re marketing online, it’s clear that you’re trying to sell something. It can be a product or service. Either way, knowing your product will help you position it according to the end user’s needs.
  3. Know your options: Knowing the outcome of the content is very important. You should clearly know what are you promoting in the content. Is it that ebook? or the course, or the product? Or everything? You will need to create a structure/outline accordingly.
  4. SEO magic: Now that you have all the spices ready, it’s time to cook the recipe. With title, description & header tags, you can instruct & educate search engines about the post. Once the search engine crawls, your post is “ready” to rank on the SERPs. Although the rank isn’t guaranteed, (not even Google guarantees it) you can start creating more content and interlink to create a mesh. You will slowly start ranking and then you can scale up from there.
This was a brief of how you can rank on search engines by creating for humans. That’s what search engines are looking for.
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That’s two minutes. I’ll see you next Monday.

Shubham Davey
Sure, with a lot of money & assistance, you will control all 200 (& its variations) ranking factors, but what about search history that still plays a major role in #SEO?

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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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