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Issue #23 - Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

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SEO is a free source of traffic, especially for those who’re operating on a shoestring budget. SEO is just a mode of marketing a business on the internet. It’s not that you can get traffic for free. There’s a lot of time & money that will go into creating a blog that gets organic traffic from search engines. In this post, I will share a few reasons of when you should and shouldn’t rely on SEO as a marketing strategy.
Let’s begin.
In Favor
  1. Organic traffic is the most credible source of traffic. There’s intent when someone searches on search engines. There’s always a solid reason, a strong intent when someone is searching on Google.
  2. SEO will work for you only if you have a clear understanding of your audience. You should have an in-depth understanding of what they call a buyer’s persona.
  1. SEO is not ideal for your business if you’re looking for instant results, at least to get initial traction. Opt for PPC or social ads, learn the basics to run ads, and get started with a small budget. Don’t burn everything in one go, experiment a lot with a small budget & find one good thing that works well.
  2. If you’re in an unorganized sector that doesn’t get a lot of search volume on Google, then wasting your time on SEO is not advisable. On the contrary, in a case when your competition is too strong & immovable.
SEO is subjective as a lot of factors play a tiny but significant role in ranking a page at the top. Apart from the fact that it takes time, you can’t take a rest after you start ranking. Start with research & find if your business really needs SEO, there will be a time in your business career that you will have to rely on SEO, when that time come is on you.
I’ll see you next Monday.

Shubham Davey
Google is smart enough to find the keywords scattered across a web page, even if they're not together, in a different context and different semantics.

Just do your job of conveying the message to the right people. Google will take care of the rest.

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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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