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Issue #21 - Targeting on Facebook ads (Can it get better?)

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Facebook is no more a social networking site. It’s an advertising giant. With more than 7 million advertisers spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually, Facebook has crossed the trillion-dollar mark in net worth.
I wouldn’t say Facebook is the best advertising platform, but when it comes to targeting a highly specific market, Facebook crushes it out there. Here are some ways to make the best out of your marketing on Facebook.
  1. Install Facebook pixel: If you’re running an online business, you’d definitely need to have a website, or at least a landing page where you sell. Installing Facebook pixel will help you retarget them if not converted. Pixel is nothing but a tracking code that Facebook uses for ads. You can retarget only those people who’ve visited page A and not B and design the whole retargeting campaign as if you watched them not go to page B.
  2. Leverage look-alike audiences: Lookalike audiences help you target people with similar interests. You can also target people similar to your page followers. For instance, If most of your page followers live in India, aged 25-30, and working a full-time job, using a Facebook lookalike audience will find people with similar characteristics and help you grow on the platform.
  3. Don’t get too narrow: Facebook is strict with advertising policies. If you get too narrow, not only you will target a very tight audience (in terms of numbers) you will also raise red flags for Facebook to ban your ad account. I’ve been there. Revoking the ad account is next to impossible and nerve-biting.
  4. Always run image & video ads in parallel: Facebook is slowly turning towards a video-based platform. Facebook Watch is proof of it. They want advertisers to run video ads, not because it’s expensive but it converts better. I’m aware of an instance where one of my friends ran a video ad that converted like crazy. All he did was made the button dance a little in a still image. He simply converted a still image into mp4 by adding animation to the button and the conversion skyrocketed.
Those were my 2 minutes, I’m sure they were worth it. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedinemail, or Consulting (for 1-on-1 private sessions) for any questions or just say hi. I love making new friends. I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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@AnalysisStartup It's not about trending. Facebook has always been a leader since the beginning. Facebook did become the last place I'd wanna market my work. But Facebook groups are becoming new thing people are loving. You should try being a part of a group & engage with people.
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