Letters ByDavey

By Shubham Davey

Issue #17 - How to approach Google Ads internationally



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Letters ByDavey
Expanding globally is not a pleasant sight for any entrepreneur. Soon after you’ve recovered from establishing locally, you have to redo the whole thing again on an unknown turf. That’s not cool in any way.
Luckily, I’ve got a couple of strategies that will help you get a good start with your international expansion using Google Ads:
  1. Begin with brand awareness: It will seem as if you’re burning money, it’s actually investing in the future. You’re purchasing a mindset, you’re shaping a behavior & it will take time, money & effort.
  2. Track everything: This is the gold standard, I say this in almost every best practice post for almost every concept that there is in digital marketing. Everything that’s tracked will eventually grow. Circle out important KPIs for your product/services & track them on a regular basis. Also, make sure you keep it simple.
  3. Identify your opportunities abroad: When you expand, you’re an alien. People wouldn’t trust you & they have all the right reasons to not trust. Identify a common ground for your brand positioning & tailor the ads to match the difference. No matter how well your market research be, you’ll fall short until you actually begin running ads and get insights into user behavior. Keep an eye on all the interactions & shape the behavior. Use Google Analytics to do that.
  4. Respect the cultural differences: When you hit the ground, you will face the reality & you will have to match that difference with your ads, call-to-actions, messaging, landing pages, linguals, faces & all that good stuff. So many factors will walk in when you go international, you will only discover on the go. Leave your assumptions in your country & think like a locallite. Use Google trends to stay in the know.
Those were my 2 minutes, I’m sure they were worth it. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedin or email for any questions or just say Hi. I love making new friends. I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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Spend more on ads, to spend less on ads later. Here's how:
✅ Gather insights of your audience who click on your ads
✅ Collect their emails to directly get in touch with them
✅ Track behaviour of users & retarget later
✅ Create a funnel & have a CTA at the end of each stage
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Shubham Davey
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