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Issue #16 - Google doesn't want you to know these strategies to save money

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Google has 5.5 billion searches every single day. 97% of their money comes from Ads & they don’t want you to know these strategies to save money on ads. You literally throw away your money & Google happily takes it. Here are some obvious but poorly understood & executed ways to save money on Google ads:
  1. Using negative keywords: Negative keywords ensure that you don’t get clicks from the wrong audience or the ads aren’t shown to the wrong audience. When you’re researching for keywords, also look for keywords you don’t want your ads to rank for. By not ranking for wrong keywords, you save money.
  2. Saving customer details: I believe, the whole point of running ads is to eventually not run any ads. From a brand awareness perspective, if you have a loyal audience who’d consume almost everything you throw at them (obviously fruitful) then you don’t need ads. You need a CRM to save their details. By not relying on ads, you save money and still make sales.
  3. Optimizing for local ads: Localities are the first bunch of customers you have for your business. If you choose to run ads, create a variant for highly optimized & targeted local markets. This will help you break even before you get any sales outside of your local network.
  4. Conversion rate optimization: What’s the point of doing everything right with Google ads but failing to optimize landing pages for conversions? The best way to optimize a landing page is to remove confusion & distraction. Don’t lay too many confusing things, have strictly one objective. By optimizing for conversion, you make more money than you spend on ads. Since the ROI>PPC, you save money.
  5. Track everything: Anything that’s tracked will grow. Ads won’t run themselves. You will have to keep an eye on the ads on a regular basis. The KPI I prefer checking regularly is impression to clicks ratio to begin with and CRO as the ultimate thing. You’re tracking everything and immediately pull the plug on things that do not work, you save money
Those were a little over 2 minutes, but I’m sure they were worth it. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedin or email. I love making new friends. I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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The whole point of running ads is to eventually not run ads.
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