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Issue #15 - Make your website come alive using Google Ads

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Running ads on Google isn’t expensive, It’s the misunderstanding that makes the ads expensive.
The major reason why ads do not work many is that they try just one or two ads & start ranting about the ineffectiveness of the marketing channel. If the system was doomed, the digital ads industry wouldn’t be multi-billion-dollar today. Here are 4 ways you give a new life to your ads almost instantly:
  1. Choose the right keywords: There are two types of keywords when it comes to running ads. Intent-based & discovery-based. Think in terms of Intent & discovery & you will be able to buy ads for the right keywords. Someone looking for “Buy Nike shoes” has already made up their mind to buy the Nike Shoes, will it be from you? This is the question you need to address.
  2. Get more ROI using Google Adwords: The ROI of the ad depends on a lot of factors. The major factors being ad creatives and target audience. If your ad creative & copy is good but the target audience doesn’t resonate with it, they’re not gonna click. Even if they do, they’ll bounce back since they aren’t looking for what you sell. Target the right people and even an average ad copy will do just fine.
  3. The right Call-to-action: I’ve learned this the hard way. Most of my content didn’t use to get any engagement, that’s because my content did not have the right CTA. What kind of right? Something that creates FOMO, sense of urgency, objectified outcome, incentivized, and things like that. Make sure you stay away from click-baits
  4. Incorporate A/B testing: One ad will not give you anything. If you want to give up after running just a couple of ads, you might as well waste that money on buying followers or email lists. Run ads for at least a month or two to really understand if the ad is worth continuing. If nothing, you’ll walk away with brand awareness at least.
Those were my 2 minutes, but I’m sure they were worth it. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedin or email. I love making new friends & I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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Shubham Davey
Shubham Davey @bydaveyji

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