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Issue #13 - [Case Study] Creativity will save you thousands in ad spend

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Advertising online is no more a money game. You can’t win if you don’t have a brain in your ads that talks to the target audience. I call that brain ‘creativity that speaks for the ads & your business.
Think of the creativity as the salesperson attending the customers walking into your store. With that said, here’s a case study from Senco Gold, which is a 50-year-old Gold Jewellery brand from Kolkata, India. Here’s what they did right & appointed creativity as their salesperson:
  1. Remarketing ads: Senco gold incorporated remarketing display ads for website visitors. This created a channel for brand awareness & offline sales. Their goal was to drive people to visit the store and hence enter their sales funnel. Remarketing ads did just that.
  2. Targeting the right audience: Google has very powerful targeting options so that you have the best conversion. Senco knew their audience and chose to target women of age 25-45 around a specific time of the year, i.e. Akshay Tritiya, which is a Hindu festival and very auspicious for buying jewelry. Perfect time and targeting the right audience led to an increase in customer walk-in. Senco added a masterstroke to track which is the 4th point. Don’t jump, 3rd point is important.
  3. Audience comparison: Jewelry business is about visuals. Senco tried YouTube ads and run ads on various YouTube videos. They spend their budget on placing ads on relevant videos and hence got insights to compare the CTR, impressions & the niche of video the ad was placed on. One thing all brands incorporating digital marketing should understand is there’s nothing called free lunch. You can’t get ROI instantly & hence initially you have to burn the money to get insights nobody can give. That insight will be priceless for your business.
  4. Location extension: This is what you were waiting for. This was a masterstroke from Senco. Google ads have a feature to add location extension to the ads you create. This adds a Google maps button in the ad and the user can check the physical distance from their location & nearest Senco store. They calculate the ROI based on how many people are seeing the ads & how many customers are walking in. Senco achieved a 30% increased in revenue in 2017-18 & a 28% increase in brand awareness.
With each step, Senco has only saved money if you pay close attention. Sure, they burnt money on brand awareness (which has no direct ROI) but they got insights that were used as input for remarketing, targeting the audience, comparing audience, and lastly tagging location in ads to trigger walk-in. Check out the previous Issue to learn from Intel’s case study.
Those were more than 2 minutes, but I’m sure they were worth it. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedin or email. I love making new friends & I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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