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Issue #10 - Please stop glamourizing startup culture....

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2020 was time traveling machine.
Things that were projected to happen in 2025, happened in 2020. At least in the business arena for sure.
The E-learning industry was projected to be worth $250 billion in 2025, and now thanks to the pandemic, it’s already worth that much money. Covid was a dent in human evolution and will be remembered for centuries to come.
Since everything got digital, a lot of people got serious about starting up, which is fine. However, there are a lot of other people who have glamourized the whole start-up culture. Starting up isn’t cool in anyways. Here’s what I’ve learned treating blogging as a startup & how I’ve improved it:
  1. Objective: Objective is an answer to pretty much any question related to business ideas, niche for blogging, or as simple as living. If you’re getting into blogging seriously, then I’d recommend treating it like a startup - nothing less. With that in mind, think of the objective of your startup. It should have a purpose & objective, without with no amount of money, strategy & time can save you.
  2. Honesty: I keep it simple. What goes on my blog is my responsibility & I’m accountable, questionable for everything that goes live. Without honesty, I can’t juggle any of this. Also, one common thing I’ve found is, if money is your motivation, you can never be honest. Honesty is one such element of success that’s not a secret.
  3. Empathy: Starting up is a lot of stress multiplied by exhaustive working hours just to get off the wheels. The real show is after that. If you don’t have empathy for your users, you’ll lose motivation & give up.
  4. Presence of mind: Growth favors the mind that’s present at the right place at the right time. Practice being present in the moment, no matter what you’re doing. It’s okay to forget about work and focus on talking or listening to whatever your spouse or friend has to say. This will help you be better at work.
I know you expected something professional and obvious, but I haven’t created this newsletter to be obvious.
Those were my two minutes. I’ll see you in the next issue. Feel free to get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedin or email. I love making new friends & I’ll be more than happy to help & talk to you.

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E-learning market is estimated to be worth over $320 billion globally by 2025.
Not sure about you, I'm not gonna waste these 5 years.

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Shubham Davey
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