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Les Picker, Author - Issue #1

Les Picker
Les Picker
It’s About Time!

To all my loyal readers I’ll start by saying thank you! There’s no more satisfying feeling for an author than having you read one of my novels and then contacting me with your comments, questions and suggestions. 
This newsletter has been a long time coming. For years I’ve wanted to create a dialog with readers - a conversation really - but, quite frankly, Amazon is actually a barrier to the kind of open communication I want. So despite the long wait for the right platform to come along, here I am.
I’d like to share with you what gets me out of bed every morning ready to put ink to paper (more accurately, zeroes and ones on my hard drive), the frustrations that authors face, what comes easy and what I find so tedious or difficult some days I’d rather sell aluminum siding. 
My preferred genre is historic fiction, although I do write general fiction, too. So, I’ll share what I’m working on at the moment; the agonizing research, archeological information about ancient Egypt that I found fascinating, what I am thinking of writing next (and get your feedback), and more. 
Enough with the pontification, here’s what I am working on…
The First Pharaoh
If you are into my First Dynasty of Egypt trilogy, you have probably read The First Pharaoh (TFP). The period I wrote about was an amazing time, really. 3,150 years ago a man named King Narmer united Upper and Lower Egypt into one nation that thrived for more than 3,000 years. TFP is about that incredible man, his life, loves, and the battles he fought both inside and outside the Royal Court. I’m proud and humbled that TFP has an average 4.5 stars on Amazon.
Here is where you come in. Interested readers have asked why I didn’t make the book longer. They felt immersed in the culture, the time and place, the scenes of Egypt’s first towns and the Court intrigue and battles that defined that era. Many readers felt deeply attached to the characters. They want more. 
I’ll soon release The First Pharaoh: Special Edition. I have added more chapters, given readers more time with the characters, and even revised some events (minor though they are) in the original book to make them more accurate based on recent archaeological finds. Don’t worry, the shorter version will still be available. Maybe I should call that TFP “classic” ;-)? 
Coming Soon
I am toying with the idea of releasing “not-so-novel-length” side plots, character arcs, parallel stories, and more that weren’t in my novels right here in this newsletter.
Which of these would you like to see? Share your favorite characters, what surprised and entertained you, or what story lines you’d love to see. I am always looking for suggestions, questions, and feedback. Start a conversation or private message on twitter @lespicker
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Les Picker
Les Picker @lespicker

Historical fiction focused on ancient Egypt.

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