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🚀 The launch ! How and Why, of Laura Bokobza - Issue #1

Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza
🥳 The first issue of the English version of Le Comment Du Pourquoi, renamed How and Why. If you’ve found it, you’ve most likely subscribed and gotten the welcome email that tells the oral story behind this new adventure you just joined ! If you haven’t, subscribe and thou shall receive it !

Welcome !
What a week ! Apple has to let developers divert payments where they want, Twitter has launched Communities, Epic will close down HouseParty in October, Microsoft Teams will get loads of new features, Vestiaire Collective gets the B-Corp label, Notion acquires, Roblox gets voice chat… but I’ve mentioned all that on my TL already.
This issue will focus instead on news I haven’t yet shared. An attempt at a summary of the gazillions articles on the Ray-Ban Stories, the issues with content production and distribution, Theranos, individuation marketing, a LinkedIn alternative… And so much more !
Don’t hesitate to reply to this email and let me know what you liked or didn’t like, it’s the first one !
👋 If you speak French...
The big one
😎 As of yesterday, you can purchase the latest Ray-Ban (called Stories) in 6 countries : US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and UK.
👓 They allow you to take a picture, shoot a video, answer a call or listen to music or podcasts. Connected to your phone through an app, their claim is to allow you to enjoy the moment without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. And incidentally keep your hands free, since they work by voice.
ⓕ Just say “Hey Facebook.” The metaverse 🇫🇷 is coming, and it starts with almost ordinary glasses that can easily go unnoticed.
🧐 Facebook apparently got it right, and the glasses are real Ray-Ban, based on the Wayfarer model slightly modified to include all the necessary embedded tech. Obviously, on the Aviator model, it wouldn’t fit… The Facebook brand doesn’t appear anywhere on the product (the mobile app to connect them, on the other hand, is called Facebook View, so it’s not hidden either).
😠 But I’m still bothered by the potential misuse.
🥸 Technically, a little light comes on the mount to warn people around you that you’re taking a picture or filming. But it’s probably not obvious to people around that you’re shooting. Admittedly, these are sunglasses, and wearing them in certain situations is suspicious or at least questionable. But that’s not enough either.
📲 It seems the glasses are not even that smart. They are only connected to the app to dump photos and videos, and are unable for example to provide the location or other classic meta-data of our smartphone cameras. A way to coax us to gradually raise the water temperature?
🥽 Others have failed in this market (Google and Snap, among others) but Facebook seems to have learned some lessons from their experience: the Stories (sic) are affordable ($299) and beautiful (one of Ray-Ban’s most popular designs).
🤩 Another connected glasses initiative 🇫🇷 has gone almost unnoticed: they detect falls and allow their wearer to warn also in case of faintness without fall. A real usefulness for the autonomy of people, right?
Food for thought
Ⓖ My data ? Yes but...
🤯 Too much content
😡 F*ck the networks
🟦 There is an alternative ?
Token of appreciation
🎁 A completely unnecessary but absolutely essential link from the depths of the Internet.
⏰ Sleeping Time
🍁 Seasonal
👩🏻‍💻 Wade Foster’s vision on no-code. I really enjoyed the parallel he draws with Mario’s gaming levels, to apply for all SaaS !
🍹 Hard seltzers are out, it’s CBD drinks’ time.
💼 Hybrid work requires cultural adjustments managers are not ready for. 5 myths to kill and some practical tips. The most important : re-evaluate the need for meetings.
💪 Best Practices
7️⃣ ways people discover new products and services. #MustRead before planning your launch.
📝 I often talk of the Amazon memo, which is used instead of Powerpoint presentations. A complete guide to write them (and use them effectively).
💃 TikTok shares 4 features that are common to successful videos : 720p of minimum resolution, with audio, vertical orientation, and a 9:16 ratio. Other stats are also made available.
💰 Business
🧪 After space, Jeff Bezos‘ new pet project ? Immortality, of course.
🏦 Theranos trial re-opens the debate on venture capital opacity. I seriously doubt that the proposed regulations actually be passed.
📺 YouTube announced its Music and Premium businesses now have over 50 millions paying subscribers. But without the detailed split.
🎞 Microsoft acquires ClipChamp, the Australian video edition in browser software, for an undisclosed amount. They plan integration to Microsoft 365, and probably to Windows 11 in the long run.
🏨 Bill Gates only owns 1,3% of Microsoft shares nowadays. He prefers to invest in real estate, and just took control of Four Seasons.
📊 Trends
🎯 I’ve had the chance to listen to Stephane Amarsy’s vision of individuation marketing at a conference in Bordeaux, and the concept is truly customer-centric. His company, D-AIM, publishes a white paper so you can understand the idea.
🐦 Twitter chose Turkey as the test country for emoji reactions. The innovation compared to Facebook ? They took away anger. On Twitter. 🤔
🥽 There isn’t a week anymore without an article on the metaverse. The opportunities in marketing start to emerge.
5️⃣ priorities of CEO post-pandemic according to McKinsey ? Sustainability, cloud, talent, speed and purpose.
🍽 The latest start-up to trend up wants us to eat cubes.
📚 History
🩸 Elizabeth Holmes’ trial has started. The founder of Theranos mesmerizes, and has for a long time. With reason, Theranos has been valued up to $9 billions.
🔮 A 60’s government report has surfaced. Its theme ? The worst predictions of history. Some exemples feel contemporary (“this thing called science”).
🤳 The word museum is evolving. The selfie museum, for example, is just spaces made for Instagram.
🛠 Resources
SEO starts with keywords. And to help find the right ones, 10 tools. You’re up ! To check the results, you could use I search From, which allows you to emulate country, device, language… or even 2lingual to see how results differ between two languages.
🐦 Looking for a little help for your tweets ? Try TweetHunter. Profile analysis, personalised suggestions, inspirational tweets, programming tool… This one-stop-shop is a bit pricey, but you get 7-day free trial.
🗺 A free and opensource tool (based on OpenStreetMap) to create city maps without colours or street-names. Which you can then personnalise and download, including as a vector. Either for pure fun, or for reworking them and using them on your site for example ?
✍️ To finish your first draft before going to the editing board. To write without anyone reading over your shoulder. To get motivated to finish a set number of words… Ilys doesn’t show you anything you type, except the last letter (freemium avec 500 mots gratuits).
Every week, a woman whose Twitter antics makes my TL better, funnier, sunnier…
In the French version, I highlighted over 50 women but who mostly write in French. I’ll kick off the english version with she who writes mostly in English, Marie.
👩🏼‍💻 ... (@MarieDOLLE) | Twitter
Who am I ?
Sparring partner, CEO shadow, part-time COO or CMO… What I do has been called many names, but I have one goal : to help you accelerate your business !
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Why "How and Why" ?
Keeping abreast of everything that is published today is exhausting. There is too much to read, and as we’re too scared to not read (FOMO, anyone ?), we spend a lot of our waking - and sometimes not working - hours trying to stay afloat.
As I do it anyway (both out of need for my clients and out of sheer curiosity for, well, everything), why not share with you what I’ve thought useful ? On top of my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ll share with you every week what has inspired me, surprised me, what I found insightful, or sometimes just funny.
1 email a week, every Monday at 7am (CET), to make sense of the marketing, tech, and innovation news from the prior week, just before going into the next one.
Curator is the new creator. I didn’t come up with that, Marie did, and I have utter faith in her trendspotting.
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Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza @lbokobza

1 email a week, every Monday at 7:30am (CET), to make sense of the marketing, tech, and innovation news from the prior week, just before going into the next one.

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