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🛍 LiveShopping - How and Why - Issue #24

Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza
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Hello !
💙💛 I’m trying to go back to normal. It’s not easy. How are you ?
🐦 Last week on Twitter : YouTube is looking desperately for podcasters ; the Twitter Bot to follow ; Amazon launches its live audio, Amp, and poaches one of ClubHouse‘s main face and sounds ; raises and exits of FrenchTech.
  • Twitter and Pinterest
  • Elon Musk’s tweets
  • Details of the March 8th keynote
  • We keep talking about the metaverse
🤵‍♀️ And of course the lady of the week.
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The big one
🛍 I had originally planned this Big One on Apple‘s keynote, but social media invited itself into the news with force last week. So the keynote is in Beehive.
📌 On March 10, Pinterest hosted the second Pinterest Presents global advertiser summit in its history. There, the pinned network unveiled, among other things, its new features dedicated to shopping.
🛒 On the user side, a Your Shop tab to present algorithmically personalised recommendations and Checkout, to pay directly on the platform (facilitated by the partnership with Shopify). On the advertisers’ side, an API that allows to connect the product catalog simply and additions of details in the description of the store to better present themselves. The platform also improves Idea Pins, and will allow to turn them into Idea Ads, to allow creators to work more easily with brands.
📈 Pinterest maintains that weak signals are detectable on the platform. Their Pinterest Predicts report has been updated, but more importantly, Pinterest Trends will soon be expanded both in features and geographies, to make more data (cookieless) available to advertisers.
For more details, Pinterest’s official info (and replay of the event).
🐦 While I’ve always been convinced of the potential for social shopping on Pinterest, I’m much more dubious about Twitter‘s, which is probably pleasing its shareholders by getting into it too. The day before Pinterest Presents, Twitter announced Twitter Shops, a selection of 50 products available in the app - to finalise the purchase, you’ll still have to go to the brand’s website. An extension of the Shop Module, this selection is based on a file of 10,000 references on the advertiser’s back office (so rotation is simplified). Twitter is also launching a Live Shopping feature, tested with Walmart in recent months - but the results are unclear on conversions. Twitter is late to the game, is trying to copy Pinterest with trends reports, and got confusing by announcing the same week a Creator Dashboard and a Podcasts tab.
🎶 TikTok is much more consistent in its diversification, and last week launched SoundOn, a music promotion and distribution platform for creators. Completely free, it guarantees 100% of royalties the first year on all distribution (then 100% of royalties for life on ByteDance platforms including TikTok, and 90% on other platforms). Not yet available in France, it’s rolling out first in the US, the UK, Brazil and Indonesia. We are not done discovering artists in TikTok videos…
Food for thought
🔈 IoT comes of age
🏆 World’s Most Innovative Companies
Ⓖ Google needs to revamp
🍏 Apple has to try hard now
Token of appreciation
🎁 A completely unnecessary but absolutely essential thing from the depths of the Internet.
A Decade of Elon Musk's Tweets, Visualized
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💨 Seasonal
💪 Best Practices
💰 Business
  • 🤝 In cybersecurity, Google buys Mandiant for $5.4 billion. In marketplace solutions, Amazon acquires Veeqo.
  • 🎧 When you look at recent acquisitions and recruitments, it looks like Google will develop audio tech, maybe even hardware headphones.
📊 Trends
📚 History
  • 📒 If you haven’t read Troublemakers, this article about another book (which I’m also gonna read) sums up the first generation of geniuses - and VC - of the Silicon Valley - and the ones that followed.
  • 🏛 The influence of F̶a̶c̶e̶b̶o̶o̶k̶ Meta in Washington is mostly the work of one man, Joel Kaplan.
🛠 Resources
  • 🤖 I’ve often talked about AI to write, here’s AI to present. offers templates and uses AI for the visuals.
  • ✍️ An icon library you can download for whatever you deem a fair price.
  • 🆓 A bunch of tools to convert, completely free (you don’t even need to leave an email).
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Laura Bokobza
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