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By Laura Bokobza

🛍 Let's go shopping - How and Why - Issue #17



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Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza
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Hello !
🐦 Last week on Twitter : I don’t use each of the 12 types of content, a tool to save your favorite videos on TikTok, 7 types of graphics to engage your audience, the sobering reminder that Internet is made possible thanks to underwater cables, the beginning of counterfeit products in the metaverse, the Ponzi’s schemes to watch out for in Web3, another meaning of the acronym CMO, Amazon burts into fashion retail, and the beauty trend my household was waiting for.
  • I’ve missed NRF 2022.
  • The media sector is shaken.
  • Larry Fink’s capitalism.
  • The record number of unicorns in France.
🤵‍♀️ And of course the lady of the week.
Don’t hesitate to reply to this email and let me know what you liked or didn’t like, it’s always and still a work-in-progress !
The big one
😢 I was telling you about CES in issue #15, which I missed (and have missed) this year. But my favorite trade show is NRF 2022 - Retail’s Big Show in New York, which took place in person from January 16-18. I had to fall back on the written summaries, photos and videos there too.
🔢 The numbers: 800 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, so quality before quantity this year. 
🤔 The topics?
  • Direct-to-Avatar. We’re moving from DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) to DTA, so. The metaverse is everywhere, in commerce also. With a big advantage for the brands involved: no logistics problems…
  • … which is the second big issue. Supply chain worries are everywhere, and it’s one of the topics that the omnipresent tech (and data) at the show is addressing. This is actually one of the sectors where French Tech was well represented. 🇫🇷
  • But beware, all this must be responsible, both from an ecological and social perspective.
  • Customers continue to evolve, and the hybridization of physical commerce and e-commerce is necessary to better meet their expectations.
  • And of course, the New York store tours (which I’ve missed the most…)
🤩 Two #MustRead articles: the best quotes from the speakers at the conferences, and a recap of what happened on the floor, but not only.
Food for thought
🥺 GIFs aren't cool anymore
🧐 Episodes and series
📝 SaaS Marketing Tactical Guide
🗞 Must Read
Token of appreciation
🎁 A completely unnecessary but absolutely essential thing from the depths of the Internet.
The Google Cemetery - Dead Google products
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❄️ Seasonal
💪 Best Practices
💰 Business
📊 Trends
  • 📬 What if we could only send and receive email once a day ?
  • 🟦 LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report is out, and it’s not very surprising.
  • Google is buying office buildings. Does it mean it’s end of working from home ?
  • 🫂 Marketing needs to stop addressing personas and start catering to communities.
  • 🐶 At Orange, I used to spend 3 days in a shop every Christmas. It’s called dogfooding, and it’s not universally liked among Tech employees.
📚 History
  • 🦿We’ve entered the 6th innovation cycle, of “creative destruction” according to Schumpeter’s theory, 25 years ago. Do you know which are the first 5 ?
  • 🦄 Telegram exploded during October’s Facebook outage, so you know the app, but do you know its history ?
🛠 Resources
  • 🟦 I’ve been using Shield for so long that I thought everybody knew the best LinkedIn analytics tool, but just in case you don’t…
  • ⏳ Tired of losing RAM because you keep tabs open ? Tired of typing the same old URL’s you open often ? Install MenuBarX (Mac only)
  • ☞ Tired of filling in your cookies preferences on all sites ? Do it once on SuperAgent, and it takes over.
Every week, a woman whose Twitter antics makes my TL better, funnier, sunnier…
Melissa is a founder and author, helping bosses be better. Yep, her TL is about management (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
Melissa Nightingale
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Why "How and Why" ?
Keeping abreast of everything that is published today is exhausting. There is too much to read, and as we’re too scared to not read (FOMI, anyone ?), we spend a lot of our waking - and sometimes not working - hours trying to stay afloat.
As I do it anyway (both out of need for my clients and out of sheer curiosity for, well, everything), why not share with you what I’ve thought useful ? On top of my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ll share with you every week what has inspired me, surprised me, what I found insightful, or sometimes just funny.
Curator is the new creator. I didn’t come up with that, Marie did, and I have utter faith in her trendspotting.
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Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza @lbokobza

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