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💥 It's complicated ! How and Why - Issue #22

Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza
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Hello !
🐦 Last week on Twitter : Google is dead, long live Reddit, Twitter attacks false bots by authenticating real ones, Instagram is f**ing with us, Victoria Secret’s continues its change - and I love it, I wasnt’ wrong about SuperBowl‘s ads, palindrome inspires a revival - and I love it still, don’t believe everything you see on social as coming from UkraineZendesk will not buy SurveyMonkey, and Ikea is an absolute champion at exploiting cognitive biases.
  • No Big One this week
  • Scams on TikTok
  • Some advice to raise VC money
  • Spotify acquires a lot of companies
🤵‍♀️ And of course the lady of the week.
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The big one
💙💛 No Big One this week 💙💛
💙💛 No Big One this week 💙💛
Food for thought
🔟 Breakthrough Technologies
🤔 Neither cartoon nor game
🤯 Of price and value
💸 Always better
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💨 Seasonal
  • 📆 22/02/2022 was a palindrome and a bad day for Slack, AWS, and others.
  • 🤣 Trump‘s social network is in trouble, big trouble.
  • 😜 Crypto is poaching talent from FinTech, big time.
💪 Best Practices
💰 Business
📊 Trends
📚 History
🛠 Resources
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Half of my LinkedIn swore by FocusMate this week. If you need virtual coworkers to get motivated, try it !
  • 🤖 When AI comes to productivity’s rescue… Bardeen automates repetitive tasks directly within Chrome. With a catalog to get you started. 
  • 📬 The ultimate swipe file for email marketing.
Every week, a woman whose Twitter antics makes my TL better, funnier, sunnier…
Donna is a founder and a GenX. Do I need to say more ?
Donna Payne
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Why "How and Why" ?
Keeping abreast of everything that is published today is exhausting. There is too much to read, and as we’re too scared to not read (FOMI, anyone ?), we spend a lot of our waking - and sometimes not working - hours trying to stay afloat.
As I do it anyway (both out of need for my clients and out of sheer curiosity for, well, everything), why not share with you what I’ve thought useful ? On top of my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ll share with you every week what has inspired me, surprised me, what I found insightful, or sometimes just funny.
Curator is the new creator. I didn’t come up with that, Marie did, and I have utter faith in her trendspotting.
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Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza @lbokobza

Used to be 1 email a week, every Monday at 7:30am (CET), to make sense of the marketing, tech, and innovation news from the prior week, just before going into the next one.

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