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🍏 An Apple Week - How and Why, of Laura Bokobza - Issue #2

Laura Bokobza
Laura Bokobza
Last week was almost entirely Apple, wasn’t it ? Oh, and Facebook too.

Hello !
🐦 Discord is now valued $15 billions, Tesla has a serious competitor, the latest stats on LinkedIn (which launches its Creator program) are out, Microsoft wants us to stop using passwords, ADLPerformance takes a majority stake in Reech… but I’ve mentioned all that on my Twitter TL already.
This newletter focuses on what I haven’t shared yet. A deep dive into the Wall Street Journal series on Facebook, Apple, emojis, Snap, podcast, Visa, mammoths, Google, ESG, Canva… And so much more !
🤵‍♀️ And of course the lady of the week.
Don’t hesitate to reply to this email and let me know what you liked or didn’t like, it’s a work-in-progress !
👋 If you speak French...
The big one
📖 In Summer Special #1 🇫🇷, I highlighted An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination, by Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang, which I read during my long break. I came away from it way more shaken than after The Social Dilemma 🇫🇷.
🗞 For the past few days, it’s been even worse. All Tech media outlets are commenting on the Wall Street Journal series at the heart of Facebook’s practices simply called The Facebook files. The articles are behind paywall, so a summary is in order:
  • ⚽️ Facebook has a differentiated treatment of their “VIPs” called X-Check (pronounced CrossCheck) in terms of moderation. Basically, if you’re a VIP, you post without going through the nets that filter what you and I post, against terms and conditions that are pretty drastic for the average person when it comes to nudity for example.
  • 🤳 Facebook is aware of the harmful effects of Instagram (more than other social networks) on a large portion of young girls in terms of self-image, following studies conducted last year… which the firm buried.
  • 🥺 Finally, Facebook employees are sounding the alarm about their employer’s lack of response to the many illegal uses of the platform: drug cartels, incitement to ethnic violence, human trafficking… Because only 12% of moderation ressources are given to posts from outside the US.
  • 😡 And all of this, of course, with very accurate knowledge of the awful side-effects of 2018 algorithm changes that have well and truly increased polarization - a collateral effect of the original desire for increased engagement.
🤯 If you still have time (and a strong stomach), I suggest you read Kara Swisher‘s reminder of a 2018 quote from Marc Benioff (“Facebook is the new cigarette”); the fact that for as long as I can remember, Facebook has been doing all the research, all the studies . . but does nothing, or worse, hides the learnings ; and for the road, the recent report which shows that almost nothing has been done about trollfarms since the 2016 elections.
🎙 Adam Mosseri compares in a podcast Instagram to the auto industry “doing more good than harm.” It took legislative interventions to gradually protect citizens (from speed to carbon emissions…). Letters have already been sent to the US Congress as a result of the WSJ series, but I doubt it will be enough.
🤑 The next battle, data for ad targeting, will be even bloodier. I’m afraid of what Facebook will come up with to keep its advertising windfall in the face of recent decisions by Apple and Google
Food for thought
😳 It ain't over till it's over
😜 You want something done right ?
📱 What about the event ?
🤩 It's official !
Token of appreciation
🎁 A completely unnecessary but absolutely essential link from the depths of the Internet.
🌍 Snap Map
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💪 Best Practices
💰 Business
📊 Trends
📚 History
🛠 Resources
  • ✍️ While writing, one is always looking for synonyms, antonyms, and even rhymes… A great tool to have handy.
  • 🤩 I discovered Well Known this week. This free tool allows you to understand the relationships between publishers and AdTech actors, and figure out how this ad ended up on this site. To dig deeper, an explanatory article.
  • 📆 I haven’t tested Motion yet. This AI-powered (duh) tool claims to be smart about planning your tasks around your meetings and deadlines.
  • 📨 I’ve recently changed tools for the French version of this newsletter. Bruno recommends NoCodeLetters. Worth a looksie, no ?
  • 📬 I use StoopInbox to have all the newsletters I’m subscribed to in one place, and definitely not my inbox. There is an alternative I just learnt about, RecapMail.
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Laura Bokobza
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