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Your First Issue of The Marketing Insider. Goodies inside...

Hello friend!  Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine while we have it fo

The Marketing Insider

May 30 · Issue #1 · View online
Laurie Wang, Digital Marketing Consultant, sharing handpicked articles, resources, and tools to provide actionable advice for online marketing to grow your business.

Hello friend! 
Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine while we have it for Spring! 🌱 🌞
I want to welcome you to my first issue of The Marketing Insider. In this bi-weekly email, I cover the intersection of marketing and business, so you’ll find some of my handpicked articles, resources, and tools to bring you actionable marketing advice. 
You are on my insider list because I believe what you do is special and deserves the best marketing advice, and I want to help you cut out the noise out there. 
I love to hear from you if you have some helpful suggestions to make this as useful as it can be. Please hit “Reply” and let me know what you think!
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Have an awesome week! 

Social Media
10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today - The Buffer Blog
Big takeaway: These are surprisingly not well known to most businesses on how to use these Facebook hacks and help promote their business for free. 
Top 5 Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Startup Marketing in 2017 — Women 2.0
Big takeaway: One mistake that I see over and over again with clients that come to me for help on social media strategy is trying to be everywhere at once. I breakdown this myth of social media and other top tips to those who are getting started with social media for their business for the first time.
Location and Hashtag Stories Instagram Explore - How Your Can Use These Features Now
Big takeaway: Whenever Instagram or Facebook rolls out a new feature, make sure to take advantage of it by using it for your business in a creative way. This is because they are promoting the feature within the platform and you will have created amazing opportunities to reap rewards from using it as an early adopter!
Email Marketing
How to Align Email Marketing to The Buyer’s Journey (With Examples)
Big takeaway: Do you know what to do with your email list of potential customers after you spent all of that hard work to make them a subscriber? When working with my clients’ email marketing campaigns, one of the biggest mistakes I have seen is mismatching of buyer’s intent with the right message at the right time. Read this for some inspirations. 
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Search
Not Your Dad's Keyword Tool: Advanced Keyword Research Use Cases - Moz
Big takeaway: If you haven’t installed Google Search Console on your website, then the time to do it is now. For clients I worked with on SEO, the first thing I check is their Google Search Console data. The useful tactic suggested in this article works very well with search terms that you are ranking for, all of which can be found in the wonderful search tool from Google.
Content Marketing & Blogging
Why Do Some Blogs Write More Than One Headline For A Blog Post? | Crate
Big takeaway: Ever wondered why sometimes you click on an article in social media and the title is slightly different when you arrive on the website? The secret to this is going to help you increase your content’s reach across social and search. A must read.
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