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3(ish) Articles, Curated Daily

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Launch Personal Finance - What's Next

I mentioned a new project in my last newsletter and wanted to provide an update.There are literally dozens of different credit card rewards programs in existence today, airlines, hotels, general travel, cash back, and more. Even amongst similar card types, t…


An Update - Launch Personal Finance

I've got an update today. After starting and running this newsletter for the last 2 months, I've decided to close it down. Surprising, I know. Here's why:Time - Publishing daily doesn't leave much time for planning growth activities when you still have a d…


Changing Your Money Mindset - Launch Personal Finance


Free Money! - Launch Personal Finance


Love YOUR Life - Launch Personal Finance


Fathers's Day Edition - Launch Personal Finance

I hope everybody enjoyed celebrating Father's day, whether on the giving, receiving, or both sides of the relationship.Like many people, my father played a large role in my financial education. An entrepreneur, through and through, I'm not sure I could name …


What's Your Number - Launch Personal Finance

At it's core, Financial Independence requires amassing enough assets (stock & bond investments) and/or income streams (side hustles, rentals, etc.) to cover your living expenses. Of course, your lifestyle will heavily influence what you FI number will be…


The House Always Wins - Launch Personal Finance

Investing in the stock market often gets compared to gambling in a casino. As we all know, when it comes to gambling, the house always wins. Those massive casinos in Vegas didn't get built because their owners lose money at blackjack.So, should the same att…


Shameless Self Promotion - Launch Personal Finance

Emergency funds are a popular (and necessary) personal finance topic. But in the event of a true emergency, you need more than money, you need a plan. In fact, you probably need multiple plans. If you've learned anything from the last several months, it shoul…


Tomorrow Isn't Promised - Launch Personal Finance

We've all been there, you get in the car to head to work (at least before we all started working from home) and the next thing you know, you're pulling into the parking lot. You're not entirely sure how you got there, but there you are. It's easy to go on aut…


You Need a Money Mentor - Launch Personal Finance

The psychology of money is a frequent topic of articles featured here. As I've mentioned before, the math behind personal finance is relatively straight forward. The real challenge is understanding your psychological approach to money. The next article takes …


Black Thursday Edition: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #29

Anxiety around money often causes issues with personal finances. You feel overwhelmed by the choices, or feel ashamed because you feel you don't understand enough about how to manage your money. This anxiety often leads us to shut down completely, further com…


Do You Miss Spending Money? Launch Personal Finance - Issue #28

Have you ever dreamed of ditching the 9-5 and starting your own business? Zach from Four Pillar Freedom did that just over a year ago. What lessons has he learned in his first year as a true entrepreneur?


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #27

You won the lottery, the startup you work at just IPO'd, you helped a certain "friend" dispose of some merchandise that fell off a truck. Whatever the reason, you suddenly find yourself sitting on a stack of cash. So what should you do?


Become a Financial Ally: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #26

Would you move to a foreign country without a job and only a few months worth of expenses saved up? Have you dreamed of moving abroad, but are worried about making the jump? Here's an interview with a pilates instructor who moved to London with just a few job…


When Your Job Steals Your Joy: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #25

Stocks are probably the most common investment vehicle. But it seems every investor becomes interested in real estate at one point or another, even if they never go through with a deal. Of course, the risk profile of real estate investment is very different f…


Navigating Stock Market Crashes: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #24

Ok, so we know we need to start investing. But where to do we get started? My answer will always be low cost index funds. But what makes them the ideal starting point and more importantly, how do you get started?


Recovering from Your Financial Mistakes: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #23

Alexander Hamilton has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years (I spent hours in a virtual waiting room for tickets when Hamilton came to DC). But, when it comes to personal finance, Ben Franklin still gets all the press. Of course, the 1st Treasury…


Finding Balance - Launch Personal Finance - Issue #22

If you're new around here (which, frankly, we all are). My goals with starting the newsletter are two-fold:Help educate people about their personal financesHelp promote the many amazing writers in the personal finance worldI'm constantly fighting a balance t…


Ways to Help - Launch Personal Finance - Issue #21

Like everyone else, I was horrified to see the video of George Floyd being murdered by the police in Minneapolis. The violence against the protestors has been disturbing to watch as well. I'm not goin to lie, it feels awkward to be writing a personal financ…