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When Your Job Steals Your Joy: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #25


Launch Personal Finance

June 8 · Issue #25 · View online

Personal Finance & Financial Independence
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We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off, you drag yourself out of bed, muddle your way through 8 (or more) hours in the office, go home, eat dinner and start the cycle all over again. You feel your job draining the life out of you.
If you’re pursuing financial independence, job dissatisfaction probably plays at least some role in your decision. Even if your situation isn’t as dire as described above.
Thankfully, I managed to escape from a job that stole my joy and mostly enjoy my current job. Of course, even in the best situations, everyone has a bad day here or there. So, what do you do when you feel like you can’t go on?

Stocks are probably the most common investment vehicle. But it seems every investor becomes interested in real estate at one point or another, even if they never go through with a deal. Of course, the risk profile of real estate investment is very different from stocks, so how should that influence your decision?
Investing In Real Estate vs Stocks - What Are The Risks? - Debt Free Dr.
If you’re starting from nothing (or nearly nothing), reaching your savings goals can seem a long ways off. Not long ago, Her Every Cent Counts was in the position, but now has a seven figure portfolio.
How I Grew My Networth from $15k to $1M in 15 Years |
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