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Navigating Stock Market Crashes: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #24


Launch Personal Finance

June 5 · Issue #24 · View online

Personal Finance & Financial Independence
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I mentioned yesterday that my biggest financial mistake was failing to invest aggressively enough early in my career. I graduated in 2006 and spent my first few years working to dig myself out of student loans and small amount of credit card debt. By the time I was in a position to get serious about investing, the Great Recession was in full swing and markets were crashing.
Waiting out the crash seemed like a smart move, of course, I realize now that was the wrong move. By failing to invest, I missed the chance to buy at lower prices and lost out on the potential gains of the 10 year long bull market. The stock market has largely recovered from its COVID-19 plunge, but the future remains uncertain. So, how do you invest in the face of a potential market collapse?

Start investing as the stock market crashes
Ok, so we know we need to start investing. But where to do we get started? My answer will always be low cost index funds. But what makes them the ideal starting point and more importantly, how do you get started?
5 Reasons Why Index Investing is a Great Strategy for Beginners
Keeping with yesterday’s theme of learning from our mistakes, here’s what happened when one investor found an investment strategy that turned out to be too good to be true:
Stealthy Wealth: My Worst Financial Mistake
Finally, another bonus today, advice on navigating the recession from 15 personal finance bloggers:
Taking Care of Your Money During a Recession - A Dime Saved
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