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Black Thursday Edition: Launch Personal Finance - Issue #29


Launch Personal Finance

June 12 · Issue #29 · View online

Personal Finance & Financial Independence
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The DOW? Down 6.90%
S&P 500? Down 5.89%
NASDAQ? Down 5.27%
Earlier this week people were calling Warren Buffett washed up and amateur traders on RobinHood were raking in the cash. March’s massive drops in the stock market gave way to a big run the last few weeks and suddenly all was good in the world again. But, what really changed in the time? Nothing.
Our first article today was published before things got real ugly yesterday, but I think that only reinforces the points it makes. The markets never really change and neither should your attitude towards it. Build a plan and stick to it.

Some Things About the Markets That Will Never Change - A Wealth of Common Sense
Anxiety around money often causes issues with personal finances. You feel overwhelmed by the choices, or feel ashamed because you feel you don’t understand enough about how to manage your money. This anxiety often leads us to shut down completely, further compounding the problem. If you have money anxiety, here are some steps you can take to address your issues.
How to Tame Money Anxiety - Backed By Expert Advice
The single family home with the big yard and the white picket fence plays a key component in the stereotypical “American Dream”. Of course, home ownership isn’t right for everyone and even if you want to own your home, you may not want the maintenance of a yard and house. Our final article explores the joys of renting and multifamily living.
Together and Apart(ment) - FI for the People
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