The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #8 - THE GRAPHICS CREATOR





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The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter
The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #8 - THE GRAPHICS CREATOR
By Marc & Lisa Sylvester • Issue #8 • View online
Hey Creatorpreneurs!
It’s easy to get into a habit and miss the simple little things you can do to make life easier.
Here’s a somewhat embarrassing example of mine (but sadly true): Finally moving the coffeemaker next to the water faucet after going back and forth dripping water on the floor for three years!
So, I’m here to point out what you might be missing in your graphic creations… so you don’t end up saying “why didn’t I do that 10 years ago”!
You might find one or two little features in The Graphics Creator that you’ve never tried (or have forgotten about)… and they could just make designing your images even easier.
See if you can check these off your design list:
  • Text Styles: Create a solid background to your text as you write- Perfect for helping text on an image stand out (look for “Text Styles” in the Text Menu)
  • Circle Text Generator: Design curved text- Add a text circle to your logo design or advertisement (find under “Insert” menu)
  • Photos & Videos: Add them right from inside the software- No need to leave your design… just drag and drop your selected image onto the canvas. These make social media creation fast and easy (click on Photos/Videos menu and pop a keyword into the search box)!
  • Rule of Thirds Grid: Line up text and images perfectly- Stop messing around with trying to manually line up images and text (click directly on the canvas and use the check box to your left)!
  • Shapes: Choose the desired shape to use as an overlay- Gives your design a professional look and helps your message stand out. Make sure to use the Opacity slider to get the right level of transparency for your design (find under the Insert Menu).
Have you used all of these?! Log into your Graphics Creator account
…and take a look at what you can do to simplify your design life.

The Graphics Creator
This week is get-to-know your Graphics Creator better. So, make sure you’ve read the “hacks” listed above and that you’re using them to make your designs professional and attention-grabbing!
Now get some more Graphics Creator hacks by watching the video below…
Marc shows you a few things you might've missed... or forgotten!
Marc shows you a few things you might've missed... or forgotten!
One way to get more attention AND make your day easier is to drag and drop motion graphics backgrounds into your designs.
Premium Pack of motion graphics (not included in the online Graphics Creator)
Premium Pack of motion graphics (not included in the online Graphics Creator)
Use the Motion Video Backgrounds above for a quick Facebook post, Pinterest pin, or tweet.
All you need to do is add a little text…
How about creating a simple quote from a well-known person, adding a business-related tip, or designing an inspirational message?
You can even create them in bulk so you’ll have one to pop into social media consistently!
Hope you got some inspiration from today’s Newsletter! Let us know - you can leave a comment, or just reply back to this eMail.
And tell your friends about it! … it couldn’t hurt.
See you next week!
– Marc and Lisa
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Marc & Lisa Sylvester

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