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The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue # 6 - IMPROVING YOUR CONTENT

The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter
The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue # 6 - IMPROVING YOUR CONTENT
By Marc & Lisa Sylvester • Issue #6 • View online
Hey Creatorpreneur!
Marc and I are here to help you really really improve your content today (and it’s not about graphics). I’m talking artificial intelligence (AI) meets practical use!
You’re already quickly creating your visual content with The Graphics Creator. But how about putting out amazing written content for your website, social media, and marketing that fits perfectly with your images… and just as fast?!
- and you get to decrease stress, brain strain, and time spent re-wording and overthinking your content!
I’ve mentioned in a previous newsletter that I started a new niche blog this year, which is just one way I’m using this new AI tool! I’m actually getting help writing my blog content… it’s not magic and it requires work (after all, you’re still the expert, not AI).
But it IS amazing how much faster you can write and how much better the results are.
Here’s what I’m talking about…

Have you played around with any “artificial intelligence” (AI) apps lately? If not, you’re going to be as amazed as I am. AI just keeps getting, well… smarter! In leaps and bounds!
Enter Rytr, which does exactly what its name suggests… write!
Rytr will help you write high-quality copy for blogs, emails, your website, ads, social media posts, and more.
Any AI writing app will admit that it’s not perfect… but they’re all constantly striving to get better than the competition.
The truth is, you owe it to yourself to check out Rytr if you spend any time at all writing content. Marc can’t stop drooling over it… okay, I’m pretty smitten as well. Truly, this is a tool for every Creatorpreneur.
The best thing is that you can start writing for free (you’ll get 5000 characters each month).
But if you do decide to pay the $29 to upgrade your account to unlimited monthly writing, we’ll earn a commission as an affiliate (if you click on our links)… and you’ll have endless content at your fingertips.
Just so you know, we were paying $99/month for a competitor’s tool… and Rytr has way better editing features, so we’re pretty happy with our decision :)
If you’re going to get help writing your content, then creating your own video just got even easier.
You can actually write a sentence or two for each frame with any AI writing tool… create images for your video like Marc shows you below… and boom! You’ve got yourself amazing marketing content!
Watch me Do it! - How to make your own Explainer Video (for 2020)
Watch me Do it! - How to make your own Explainer Video (for 2020)
When you’re writing content, you’re going to need a way for readers to take action on what you’ve written. So, this handy pack of Buttons, Banners, and Badges is the perfect solution (just add text and you’re done).
And I just marked them 50% off for you through Sunday!
The price is already marked down… no coupon needed.
Don’t spend hours writing and re-writing content when you can get quality help from AI! We can’t do it all by ourselves, even as Creatorpeneurs. Do yourself a favor and get Rytr or research other AI Writing tools.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Marc & Lisa Sylvester

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