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The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #4 - KEEPING CUSTOMERS ENGAGED

The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter
The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #4 - KEEPING CUSTOMERS ENGAGED
By Marc & Lisa Sylvester • Issue #4 • View online
Marc, our 3 kids, and I just spent a week in hot, humid Florida visiting family (for the first time in 2 years!). Naturally, we thought we’d get some work done while we were there. But, not surprisingly, we didn’t accomplish as much of our to-do list as we planned.
It’s hard to get a lot done when you’re “on vacation”.
The truth is that some businesses find that sales slow down as summer heats up. That’s how it is for us… especially as late July and August hit. Businesses need a way to keep moving forward.
So, as we head into higher temperatures and distractions that keep us away from actual work, here are some ways to keep your customers engaged:

Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work
Our tool of the week helps us automate tasks while we’re away (or anytime really). It’s an online tool called Zapier… rhymes with ‘happier’. There’s a free and a paid option.
Zapier connects the many tools we use in our business quickly and easily. For example, when we published this newsletter, Zapier also automatically published this newsletter to our Facebook page and blog page. Plus, it sent out a tweet letting our Twitter followers know this newsletter is available. Saved us a TON of time.
With Zapier, you can create push notifications for activities like new support tickets, new calendar events, new YouTube videos you may be following, and lots more. 
Further, Zapier alerts us on our iPhones to new support tickets that need to be answered!
Automation is a powerful (and much needed) function of an online business… especially when you’re away.
It’s also a good idea to promote your business while you’re away.
Here are 16 surefire ways to use graphics to promote your business… stand out and get more engagement!
So, now that it’s summer, you just might need to take an extra step to get attention to your biz.
This is a great time to create special offers or discounts. Not only will you remind customers that you’re still around, but you can also motivate them to take a closer look at that special offer!
Use The Graphics Creator’s pre-designed Certificates and Coupons Templates to quickly design a captivating offer (right before you leave for vacation!).
Always use a call-to-action (CTA) in every piece of content you put out there. From social media to advertisements… in a lead magnet, or on your landing pages… tell visitors what to do next!
If you’re having a sale, tell them what coupon code to use and tell them how or where to use it. For example, “Enter the coupon code in your shopping cart”, or “Get your 25% discount by clicking here”.
And, guess what? You can use your CTA on a coupon design!
That’s a lot to take in for this week!
Let us know what you think of these newsletters 🤗
See you next week!
– Lisa & Marc
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Marc & Lisa Sylvester

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