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The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter Issue #2 - KEYWORD CONTENT

The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter
The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter Issue #2 - KEYWORD CONTENT
By Marc & Lisa Sylvester • Issue #2 • View online
Hey Creatorpreneurs!
I’ve been writing for a new niche blog that I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to share it with you (I’ll give you the details soon)!
Now that I’m more focused than ever on writing, I’m digging deep into the world of blogging and learning a ton during my journey. Along with visual content, keyworded content is also essential to blogging!
That’s why this newsletter offers up a free tool that’ll help you make more of an impact with your writing, whether it’s for blogging, creating ads, or website copywriting. And, be sure to watch Marc’s video to find out how to create and use visual content on social media!
- Lisa

The tool for this week is so simple to use and totally free! It’s an absolute must for writers, bloggers, and copywriters… IF you want to get found on the search engines!
If you’re working hard researching the best keywords for your article or website, then you absolutely must spend a little extra time making sure those keywords are actually being searched for on Google.
Instead of assuming that readers are looking for the 10 “best business tools”, throw that keyword phrase in Google Trends and put in an alternative as well.
As you can see below, you’re better off writing an article about the 10 “best business apps” (in red), as there are actually more people searching for this keyword than “best business tools”. Who would’ve guessed?!
That’s my point… don’t guess!
Despite the thumbnail on this video (created with The Graphics Creator of course 🤗 ), it’s first and foremost about creating perfectly branded graphics for your biz. Marc shows you how to easily create a “batch” of social media graphics… then he’ll tell you how to get help sharing it all!
Create Your Own Ads, Then HIRE a Social Media Manager To Promote them!
Create Your Own Ads, Then HIRE a Social Media Manager To Promote them!
This is one of my favorite image sets because it’s perfect for getting noticed on social media! You can even use them as backgrounds in the examples Marc showed in the video above.
Cinemagraphs are a perfect blend between a still photograph and a video. They’re kind of like the moving portraits in Harry Potter, only they’re stunning images instead.
Each Cinemagraph loops endlessly, so you’re more likely to get seen! Just drag them onto The Graphics Creator canvas and add text or other graphics to make it yours!
You don’t have to constantly invent great content. Get creative and use what you have! Just change up your article or blog content to provide a fresh perspective using these ideas:
  • Turn your video into a blog article (or your blog article into a video)
  • Take an idea or two from old content and build on it to create more detailed content about that topic
  • Change your title and intro to catch the eye of a new group of people
  • Turn an article into a simple “list post”(just number important points and leave out any “fluff”)
Keep reading for more great content ideas!
See you next week! 🤗
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Marc & Lisa Sylvester

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