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NASA spacecraft stranded without power?





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NASA spacecraft stranded without power?
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Another busy week in space news! A Blood Moon eclipse loomed over the sky last night, SpaceX dodged a major Starship construction accident, Solar arrays fail to deploy on NASA’s newly launch Cygnus cargo spacecraft, and more…
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Damn! So, that Blood Moon eclipse last night
About once every year and a half, the Earth comes in between the sun and moon, casting a shadow and turning the moon reddish. This is known as a full-blood moon.
Coincidentally, it occurred in the early morning of US Election Day (Nov. 8). Anyone heading to the poll around 6 a.m. EST was met with a bloody red color Moon (Not creepy at all 👀).
Even though these occur about every year and a half, the next won’t actually occur until 2025, and the next eclipse on Election Day won’t be until 372 years from now.
Latest in space
NEWS 🚨: On Tuesday (11/8), the Earth, sun, and moon will align, and create a Blood Moon eclipse

The last total lunar eclipse until 2025 https://t.co/k4lQpeXaqx
NASA spacecraft fails to deploy solar arrays
NASA’s Cygnus spacecraft, flying cargo to the ISS (International Space National), launched yesterday and ran into major problems shortly after.
According to NASA, about 7 hours after a successful launch out of Virginia, the Cygnus spacecraft failed to deploy a set of solar arrays. These are crucial power sources that can produce about 3.5 kilowatts — needed to keep onboard computers and navigation operational.
Because the Cygnus spacecraft only deployed one set of arrays, it’s now only receiving half the power. So, can it survive and get supplies to the ISS with just one power source?
In a recent NASA statement, the manufacturer of the spacecraft, Northrop, thinks the Cygnus should have sufficient power to dock with the ISS as planned early Nov. 9, allowing the station’s robotic arm to capture and pull it in.
NASA said it was “assessing” that information. Story developing.
Different Cygnus spacecraft on a privous mission to the International Space Station
Different Cygnus spacecraft on a privous mission to the International Space Station
SpaceX dodges Starship accident during stacking
According to a report from The Information, SpaceX could be pushing its Starship production too fast, putting significant safety by the wayside.
The report states that during a venting test of Starship, the internal pressure dropped rapidly inside the rocket due to an unknown reason. The rocket could have crumbled and fallen over if the internal temperature had reached the ambient outside temperature.
At the time, about two dozen crew members were still on the pad during the operation, breaking SpaceX’s safety protocols, The Infomation reported.
More details here.
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