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Randy Lariar
Randy Lariar
Each week I get to talk with lots of clients, colleagues, and team members about fascinating topics at the intersection of cybersecurity, data, and AI. I’ve decided to share some of the fun.
There’s so much going on in this space that impacts all of us and our businesses. It’s exciting for me – and I hope you’ll be entertained too!

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did
The Incredible Story of How Target Exposed a Teen Girl's Pregnancy
This article is almost 10 years old! Machine Learning has been shaking up business and our world in major ways every day since then. If you’re not familiar with the story, a brief recap: Target developed models that looked at spending patterns over their big data and were able to identify people most likely to be pregnant – and then send them coupons. This is table stakes now for any large retail business. 
AI Adoption Skyrocketed Over the Last 18 Months
If you want to sound smart in some parts of the country, just quote HBR. While the Target article is “ancient history” this one came out this week and shares many of the same themes. It’s behind a paywall so here are the key points (all of which were accelerated by COVID-19):
  • AI is instrumental in alleviating skills shortages
  • AI and analytics are boosting productivity
  • AI and analytics are delivering new products and services
  • AI is fueling startups, while helping companies manage disruption
PS – These points are especially true in Cybersecurity where there’s an estimated 3.5 Million person job shortage. [Source: Google “cybersecurity job shortage”]
Why businesses fail at machine learning
Why businesses fail at machine learning | Hacker Noon
This is a classic discussion of a dirty secret with AI – it fails a lot. This article has a great analogy for Machine Learning – think of it like opening up a restaurant. A lot of our clients struggle as they stand up Data Science programs because they’re trying to build the kitchen, create new food groups, and build a better microwave. Instead, they can use the tools and processes that are abundant. Learn from lots of available resources (including Optiv’s consultants) – so they can focus on making the best version of their own recipes. 
The US government wants to help companies assess AI risk
The US government wants to help companies assess AI risk
We have many client conversations touching on the NIST cybersecurity framework. NIST is also getting more involved in categorizing and identifying the risks of related to AI. Machine Learning models create a lot of value, but they also introduce new risks for companies that use them. This is going to be a fascinating space to watch develop. We are in the equivalent of the 1980s for how cybersecurity matured.
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Cybersecurity Trivia: The War Games Movie Lead to Early Cybersecurity Directives
WarGames - Wikipedia
“President Ronald Reagan, a family friend of Lasker’s, watched the film and discussed the plot with members of Congress, his advisers, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Reagan’s interest in the film is credited with leading to the enactment 18 months later of NSDD-145, the first Presidential directive on computer security”
Which movies will inspire the next Presidential directive on AI?
Just for Fun
Silicon Valley: Not Hotdog (Season 4 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO
Silicon Valley: Not Hotdog (Season 4 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO
If a Data Scientist tells you they’re working in Computer Vision – ask them if they have built an app like this. This is the fun of AI. It’s no longer hard to tell if something is or is not a hotdog. Making that useful is where the magic happens. 
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Randy Lariar
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