By Lance Ulanoff

Stuff that matters.

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LanceLetter - Age of the Drone; Shatner Makes History; VR Goggles

Written while wondering where October is going


LanceLetter - Facebook Fallout; Twitch Troubles; Shatner in Space

Written while checking out my neighbor's Halloween decorations


LanceLetter - Amazon Product Explosion; JLo Gaming; Facebook Under Fire

Written while using Windows 11


LanceLetter: New Microsoft Surfaces; Tiny Flying Chip; EU vs Lightning; Sears

I'm back! Miss me?


LanceLetter - Bitcoin Blues; Smart Toilets; Facebook Smart Glasses; Apple vs. Epic

Composed while contemplating the past


LanceLetter: NFT, A Love Story; Robo-Arm; Apple Pauses CSAM; 20 Years

Conjured during a day devoted to labor


LanceLetter - Security First; Almost Apple Season; Tim Cook; Cloud Wins

Penned as I considered how Climate Change drives a wild weather season


LanceLetter - Vax Pass; Tesla Safety; Space Vision; Facebook Workrooms

Composed while Henri Sputtered Along New England


LanceLetter - Facebook Ad Model Rethink; AI in Prisons; More Robots on Mars

Written while watching international chaos play out on TV


LanceLetter - Considering Segway; The Next Big Telescope; Bye Olympics

Composed while missing the Olympics


LanceLetter - Using Data to Keep Us Safe; Systems You Can't Sell in CA; Basketball Robot

Composed while realizing all the good Olympic competitions happen while I sleep


LanceLetter - Facebook vs. the White House; CNN+; Hall of Presidents; Plastic Chips

Written while watching so many Olympic sports in front of so many empty stands


LanceLetter - GaryVee on NFTs; Apple Fixing Watch Storage; Teen in Space

Written while wondering why the TVA can't stop the Delta Variant


LanceLetter - Space Tourism; Nintendo OLED Switch; Trump v Tech

Written while watching billionaires fly


LanceLetter - Windows 11 Limitations; Pepper Robot; Firework Alternative

Written while I slow-barbequed chicken under a Fourth of July sun


LanceLetter -Tokyo Robots; The end of John McAfee; GoogleWorkspace

Composed while watching the temperatures rise


LanceLetter: Facebook VR ads; Fixing Hubble; Google Store; WWW NFT

Composed while setting up an outdoor home theater


LanceLetter: Global Tech Tax Games; Fastly Upends Internet; Facebook Watch

Written while playing with retro tech


LanceLetter: Supersonic; Ransomware; Facebook ban; Bezos in Space

Written while wondering if it's pronounced "Lil' Bet" or "Lilbet"


LanceLetter: Google's Storage Deadline; Instagram Likes Control; Intel

Written while watching jets fly and burgers fry