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LanceList - Issue #35

Oculus Go, Basic OS, The Privacy Myth, Flat Earth, Cool iPhone Tip


May 2 · Issue #35 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Oculus Go, Basic OS, The Privacy Myth, Flat Earth, Cool iPhone Tip

VR getting real. Facebook announced a lot yesterday at its annual F8 developers conference keynote. There’s video chat coming to Instagram, Dating in Facebook, Clear History, and the release of Oculus Go. At $199, it’s the cheapest self-contained (no computer or smartphone necessary) VR headset on the market and could help bring VR to the skeptical masses. My friend Ray Wong got his hands on an early set and wrote a deep and fascinating review.
Oculus Go review: VR has never been so good for so cheap
Simple. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android. These are all powerful, useful, and complex operating systems with tons of hidden features we’ll probably never touch. Sometimes you wonder if it’s all a little much and if today’s software designers could learn anything from the OG of graphical user interfaces (GUIs): the first Macintosh OS (something I remember using). It was black and white, super basic and incredibly easy to use.
Using The Old Mac OS Is Pure Zen
The Privacy Myth. We’re currently in freak-out mode about our online privacy. I suggest we take a big step back and really think about the overall state of our personal data, activities and more. 
Privacy is an illusion – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
When logic fails: Flat-Earthers, those who believe the earth is a flat pane, not a globe, are real and even have an explanation for why world travelers never hit the edge of the Earth. 🙄
Flat-Earthers Think 'Pac-Man Effect' Stops Us Falling Off the Edge of the Planet
iPhone Tip. Here’s how to select and organize more than one app at a time on your iPhone interface.
P.S. Let’s hope your day goes better than this.
Correction. I write this newsletter before my first cup of coffee, which can lead to some unfortunate errors, like the one in Issue 33, where I misstated the Amazon Prime price hike. It’s $20 more a year (for a total of $119 a year), and NOT a month as I mistakenly wrote in my newsletter. I regret the error and will drink more coffee, ASAP.
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