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LanceList - Issue #32

Gmail Overhaul, Amazon Robot, Policing Facebook, Nicolas Cage


April 25 · Issue #32 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Gmail Overhaul, Amazon Robot, Policing Facebook, Nicolas Cage

Changes in the Mail. If you woke up this morning to a significantly different Gmail, don’t panic. All of Gmail’s 1.4 billion users will eventually see some of the biggest and, to my mind, most useful changes in the email service’s history. And while the cosmetic ones, like being able to hide the left-hand panel, are the most noticeable, it’s the security changes that will have the biggest impact. The new Gmail supports expiring emails, two-factor-authentication per email and much more aggressive anti-phishing measures. The changes are rolling out slowly. In fact, my Gmail looks unchanged, but I cannot wait for the update. Are you ready?
Google releases Gmail redesign - The Verge
AlexaBot. Rumor has it the online retailer is ready to build an awesome home robot that combines mobility with Alexa smarts. Sounds amazing. It’s probably not. I’ve been watching the robotics industry long enough to know that whatever Amazon does in this space, it’s likely to be a disappointment. If they do built it, I wonder if I can have one delivered to my trunk.
6 reasons Amazon should not build a robot – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Watching. Years ago, I managed an online community for a magazine, which meant I had to police it for objectionable content and language. Before I could do that, though, we had to define the words we didn’t want in our chat rooms. This led to The List, a lengthy, a bawdy, embarrassing, list of curse words and descriptions of sexual activities that is burned in my brain to this day. It was a group effort; virtually every member of the editorial staff contributed. And then we plugged it into the system so that it could catch these words and phrases automatically. I was reminded of all this as I scanned Facebook’s recently released, 8,000-word document on how it polices its platform for objectionable content. People are shocked it mentions things like cannibalism. I’m not. Not at all.
Here's what you can't post on Facebook (no nude buttocks or cannibalism)
Caged. Few actors are as intriguing and enigmatic as Nicolas Cage. In a single film he can give both a transcendent and overwrought performance. Maybe that’s why we love him. The statistics-friendly site FiveThirtyEight has analyzed all of Cage’s performances based on box office, Rotten Tomato Scores and some other factors to come up with Five Cage Movie Types, including Nouveau Shamanic(!). I’ve watched a lot of Nicolas Cage films and I think they have something here.
The Five Types Of Nicolas Cage Movies | FiveThirtyEight
P.S. This is what happens when you have Writer’s Block.
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