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LanceList - Issue #20

Smart Apples, Tesla Crash, Facebook's Solution, Cool iPhone Lens


March 28 · Issue #20 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Smart Apples, Tesla Crash, Facebook’s Solution, Cool iPhone Lens

I feel smarter. Tuesday in Chicago was like the first day of High School all over again, and all thanks to Apple. The company went all method on media consultants and educators from around the country, using an iconic Chicago high school and a lot of clever touches (like class schedules and the dreaded “bell”) to launch a new, $299, educational-targeting iPad, but to introduce a slew of software, development and curriculum options for schools and teachers. It was an impressive display, I just missed my Trapper Keeper. In case you didn’t know it, Apple, which once ruled the education market, has been having a tougher time of it lately, all due to a little company called Google. My kids and the children of virtually everyone I know do their schoolwork in Google’s cloud. Part of Apple’s plan is to provide a similar cloud (including 200 GB of free storage). The tools and technologies Apple’s offering are impressive, but they face an uphill battle. 
When you get schooled by Apple – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Crash. Tesla’s stock took a hit after the NTSB decided to investigate a recent fatal Model X crash. Teslas are, in general, safer than many cars on the road, but the NTSB wants to know if the car’s autonomous mode had anything to do with the accident. Previous Tesla crashes involving assisted driving have been the result of drivers assuming the car was doing ALL the driving. We’ll have to wait for official word on what cased this tragic crash.
Tesla shares plummet as NTSB investigates fatal crash
We’ll never change. Facebook’s taken some very big lumps lately for how it’s handled our privacy. So, of course, Facebook is changing everything. They’ll now operate as an old-school telephone service, where you punch in an ID for someone on your Facebook phone app and then maybe they pick up to tell you about their day….JUST KIDDING. Okay, the true story is Facebook isn’t changing what they do or even, really, how they do it. Instead, they’re just getting a whole lot more transparent and making it easier for you to control, access and remove your data from the service. Is this enough? 
Facebook makes its privacy, data downloading and deletion settings easier to find
Want. I do a lot of photography and video on my iPhone 10. The 12 MP dual camera is excellent, and I can do a lot of the editing right on the device. That’s why I’m excited about smartphone camera accessory company Moment’s new Kickstarter campaign. They’re introducing an anamorphioc lens, battery case (!), filter attachment and a special gimbal balance, all for the iPhone X. The anamorphic attachment lets you make wide-screen movies with the iPhone.  People are already shooting feature films with the iPhone, now they might look even better.
Moment's new $149 anamorphic lens lets you shoot cinematic-looking footage with your phone
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