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LanceList - Issue #188

Huawei Confusion; Stop Fearing Voice Assistants; New MacBook Pros; Special Message


May 24 · Issue #188 · View online
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Huawei Confusion; Stop Fearing Voice Assistants; New MacBook Pros; Special Message

The curious case of Huawei. Chinese tech giant Huawei is under some of the strictest and, perhaps, most damaging, business restrictions the U.S. has ever put on a foreign tech company, potentially blocking it from selling products in the U.S. and from accepting supplies from U.S. companies. Google, ARM, and other partners have complied and stepped away. The reasoning behind this is, ostensibly, that the Chinese government could use Huawei tech as a spying platform. We think. Then President Trump said that the company is both a security threat and a trade bargaining chip (he basically said he might like to use it in trade talks – the U.S. is currently placing some heavy tariffs on Chinese goods). You can see how that makes no sense and muddies the waters around the U.S.’s very direct decision to block the company and its products.
Trump contradicts himself on Huawei in a single sentence; says firm is huge security threat but could also be bargaining chip in China trade war
Speak to me. I grew up watching Star Trek (the original series) and dreamed of my own “Computer,” an omnipresent digital entity that could answer any questions and handle conversation. We are, with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, getting closer to that ideal. So why are we freaking out and, sometimes assuming the worst of our digital assistants? Personally, I think we all need some perspective on our voice assistants.
You Shouldn’t Fear Amazon’s Alexa – OneZero
New Books. No event, no fanfare, just the news that Apple is updating its MacBook Pro line with Intel’s 9th Gen Core processors. That’s should excite professionals looking to squeeze a bit more power and performance into their movie, music, data and programming projects. But the bigger news might be Apple trying to both tweak the butterfly keyboard design that’s caused problems for so many users and expanding the keyboard repair program to virtually all MacBook users. I used a MacBook 12-inch (a couple, actually), as well as some 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros, all with the new butterfly mechanism. I never had a problem. But maybe that was just me.
Apple tweaks its troubled MacBook keyboard design, expands repair program - The Verge
Taking a Break
Some news. I’ll be pumping the brakes on LanceList for a time as I prepare for something new (more on that soon). This means that, with the exception of a news burst, this will be the last LanceList (for a while). I want to thank all of you for your support over these 188 issues. LanceList didn’t exactly become the powerhouse newsletter I envisioned but I loved writing it, nonetheless. I promise you will see me again, soon. So stay tuned, watch my feeds and prepare for something special.
In the meantime, enjoy this GIF of me riding electric skates.
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