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LanceList - Issue #185

Flippy Phone; Osmo Action Cam Review; Microsoft and Sony Hold Hands; Huawei on the Outs


May 17 · Issue #185 · View online
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Flippy Phone; Osmo Action Cam Review; Microsoft and Sony Hold Hands; Huawei on the Outs

Flip It. Some people will go to great lengths to avoid a notch or a hole. On the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone, OnePlus put a selfie camera inside the body of the phone. It pops up when it’s time to take a picture. Asus (yes, Asus makes phones) decided to go a different and, perhaps, even more radical route with its new ZenPhone 6. Its selfie camera sits on the back of the phone (so it starts as a rear camera), and when it’s time to take a selfie, if flips up so it’s now just above the screen and facing you. Smile!
Asus’ $499 ZenFone 6 has a flip-up camera and a giant battery – TechCrunch
In on the Action. For the climbers, runners, sailors, surfers and all-around action people, there are these things called Action Cams. They usually small, blocky devices that you can literally wear and take up to 4K video of your busy exploits. GoPro makes the most popular and well-known one, and now DJI, the company best known for awesome drones, has introduced one of its own: DJI Osmo Action. It looks like a GoPro, but with at least one key difference. It has a front-face screen. Hello, ultimate selfie action camera, Read my full hands-on report.
Osmo Action: DJI Takes on the GoPro – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Strange Bedfellows. Azure was the unquestionable star of Microsoft’s recent developer’s conference, as we learned of the company plans to put that - - - - everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Yesterday Microsoft and Sony announced that the two companies will share and co-develop some Azure cloud services for future entertainment and gaming offerings. In announcing the partnership, neither company mentioned their respective gaming platforms: Xbox and PlayStation, but it’s clear that some form of PlayStation cloud-based gaming, a la Google’s upcoming Stadia and Microsoft’s own xCloud, is in the offing. Perhaps we’ll learn more at the upcoming E3 gaming conference.
Microsoft And Sony Make Nice, Forge Partnership For Gaming And Cloud Services - GameSpot
No Wei. The U.S. government is taking a hardline with technology companies that it believes might be a strategic or espionage threat. Caught in the crosshairs is Huawei, a Chinese components and tech manufacturer that both uses America tech supplies to build, for instance, its phones (which are not popular in the U.S.) and delivers components to American partners. American tech companies can no longer supply Huawei with parts and it’s likely that, soon, Huawei will be banned altogether in the U.S. It’s important to remember that, unlike the U.S., it’s hard to separate a Chinese company from the Chinese government, and the Chinese government has been known to try and hack U.S. systems. One concern has been that the Chinese could use a company like Huawei and its tech to infiltrate and spy on Americans. This post offers an interesting look at how Huawei has prepared for just such a ban and what the Chinese people think of the U.S.‘s actions.
Huawei’s chip unit says it prepared years ago for doomsday scenario of US tech ban | South China Morning Post
Wait. SpaceX’s Starlink launch, the one that supposed to launch dozens of satellites in Step One of an attempt to bring high-speed broadband to the world, has been scrubbed for a full week. The weather wasn’t cooperating with Thursday’s scheduled launch and it seems like SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk have decided to take some extra time to get this launch just right.
SpaceX Starlink launch called off to 'maximize mission success' - CNET
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