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LanceList - Issue #184

Pixel Class Action; Apple TV Update; OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Supreme Court Rules Against Apple


May 15 · Issue #184 · View online
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Pixel Class Action; Apple TV Update; OnePlus 7 Pro Review; Supreme Court Rules Against Apple

Pixel Pays. Sometimes it pays to be first. Sometimes it doesn’t, and, sometimes, it still pays off in the end. That’s the story for Google Pixel Phone early adopters. They bought the first-generation handsets a few years ago, some people experienced audio and other related issues that would not go away and now, years later, a class action suit is getting each of them $500 for their troubles.
Google to pay some faulty-Pixel owners $500 each after class-action lawsuit - CNET
Next-Level TV. There’s Apple TV, that small, black piece of Apple hardware that streams Netflix, Amazon Prime and lets you rent and buy movies and then there’s the Apple TV app, the software inside Apple TV with cute, blue television logo that organizes your content, and guides you on what to watch. Apple’s been working on moving the software to center of the Apple TV experience and now the latest update brings, among other things, iTunes content integration and TV Channels that you can add, ala carte simply by using your Apple ID. No more jumping through cable subscription or even app hoops. There are a bunch of other new features and a redesign, but I think the channel update could be a game changer.
New Apple TV App Finally Kills the Middle Man – OneZero
SCOTUS Slams Apple. The Supreme Court decided a couple of days ago that consumers can basically sue Apple for running an app store monopoly with the App Store. At issue is the 30% commission Apple gets for all in App Store purchases (and in-app purchases), that the plaintiffs argue is passed along to consumers. Because Apple has 100% control of the App Store, the suit contends that gives Apple unfair control. This ruling is a huge blow to Apple, and it may be a boon for consumers who could end up with new options for iPhone/iOS app downloads. But there’s also the chance that this could hurt consumers (that was my opinion), who will no longer be able to trust all the apps they download, and developers who will have to work with multiple App stores with varying rules and fees.
Supreme Court deals Apple major setback is App Store antitrust case
Super Screen Phone. Smartphones are getting bigger, thinner, more powerful and, unfortunately, a lot more expensive. It seems like the phone you want costs $1,000. In reality, there are more and more options in the high-middle ground. Apple’s excellent iPhone XR ($749), and Samsung’s Galaxy S10E fall into this range. Now, OnePlus, joins them with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Starting at $649, this remarkable Android phone, in some ways, outshines Apple and Samsung’s devices. It has a giant screen without a hole or notch on it. There’s tons of power and battery life. But it’s also missing more than a few features. Read my full review to learn more.
Review: The OnePlus 7 Pro Hits the Android Sweet Spot
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