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LanceList - Issue #182

Moon Shot; Uber's Public Ride; Where's the Fun; Star Wars VR


May 10 · Issue #182 · View online
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Moon Shot; Uber’s Public Ride; Where’s the Fun; Star Wars VR

To the Moon. After decades of disinterest, Moon exploration, heck, colonization, is hot again. Yesterday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his private space company Blue Origin unveiled Blue Moon, a huge freight-hauling spaceship and lander that will help deliver the supplies and build the infrastructure astronauts need for life and work on the lunar surface. Bezos hopes to land humans on the moon by 2024.
Blue Origin Unveils 'Blue Moon,' Its Big Lunar Lander | Space
Public Ride. Uber, the uber-popular ride sharing service is set to go public today with a strike price of around $45, which will value it in the tens-of-billions. The company, which does more than just ride sharing (scooters, food delivery), wants to funnel some of that money into autonomous vehicles, but also back to its drivers. Those freelancers are not too happy. In fact, Lyft, which also recently went public, are preparing to go on strike because they don’t think they’re getting decent benefits and wages. Put simply, today should be interesting.
Uber prices IPO at $45 per share, at low end of range
Where’s the fun. When it comes to innovation, Google’s I/O developer conference keynote didn’t disappoint, but as we wrap up this first major round of dev conferences (with Apple’s WWDC in the wings), I wonder if we’ve lost something. Yes, I was impressed with the intelligence leap in Google Assistant 2 and applaud the introduction of a more affordable and decently appointed smartphone (Google Pixel 3a), but there were no major moments in the I/O keynote. In fact, Facebook’s F8 and Microsoft’s Build were similarly staid affairs. No more crazy moon shots or product introduction stunts. What’s gotten into these companies or, more precisely, what have they lost?
Tech Events Aren’t Fun Anymore – OneZero
Star Wars VR. As you might recall, I’ve been having a good time in virtual reality with the new Oculus Quest VR headset, but the title I’ve really been waiting for, Vader Immortal: Episode 1, wasn’t ready in time for my review. Well it finally arrived, and I couldn’t wait to strap on the headgear and try it out. This part one interactive game is set in between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It features lots of a young Darth Vader and, yes, you wield a lightsaber. Check out my quick walkthrough.
Incredible Vader Immortal: Episode I Gameplay from Inside Oculus Quest!
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