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LanceList - Issue #180

The World at Risk; Drone Catcher; YouTube Music Update; Developer Week


May 6 · Issue #180 · View online
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The World at Risk; Drone Catcher; YouTube Music Update; Developer Week

Wake up call. There’s a new scientific report warning that, if the world doesn’t make significant agricultural, economic, conservation and climate changes (read, slowing or reversing climate change) in the next decade, a million species may go extinct. Called Global Assessment, the report comes from 145 expert authors from 50 countries. Can we fix this? The dire report says yes, but only if we act now and stop conducting business as usual.
Scientists warn a million species at risk of extinction - Reuters
Play on. YouTube Music is one step closer to replacing the Google Play Music service. Now some Android users can use YouTube Music (the premium service costs $9.99 a month) to play back local music files. In other words, YouTube Music is now starting to act more like a traditional music service.
YouTube Music for Android can play your local song collection
Drone catcher. Most drones and their pilots are harmless, but there is the very real possibility of someone using a drone for an attack. How do you stop or prevent such an attack? You could shoot the drone out of the sky, jam its electronics from a distance or, perhaps, use another, specialized drone to bring the nefarious drone down.
DroneBullet is like a guided anti-aircraft missile for suspect quadcopters
Bad metal. A rocket is only as good as its technology and parts. NASA learned this the hard way when , roughly a decade ago, it lost two rockets carrying critical satellite payloads into space. The fairings, or cones at the tips failed to deploy and both rockets fell into the sea. Now NASA says it knows why. After a lengthy investigation, the space agency found out that the company supplying key aluminum components did not build them to spec and didn’t properly test them. The whole episode makes me feel better about NASA partnering up with private rocket companies like SpaceX.
Metal fraud cost NASA two satellites worth $700 million
Reveal week. This week, two major tech companies are holding their annual developer conferences: Microsoft and Google. Microsoft already previewed some details on Azure (its cloud services product) updates and, yes, Blockchain tools, but, starting today, it should reveal more of its consumer-facing plans (Windows, Office, maybe some hardware). Google Pixel phones should focus on the next big Android update and reveal more affordable Pixel phones. Both conferences will, obviously, also focus on all the new tools the companies are releasing for developers who want to build products on their respective platforms. I’ll be tracking the live streams, but if you want to follow along, here are some links.
Watch the Microsoft Build 2019 Keynote Here | WIRED
Google I/O 2019: How to watch livestream, see full schedule and start times - CNET
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