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LanceList - Issue #179

SpaceX Mishap; A Wild Virtual Reality Experience; For the Love of Solitaire; 10 Tips for Innovators


May 3 · Issue #179 · View online
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SpaceX Mishap; A Wild Virtual Reality Experience; For the Love of Solitaire; 10 Tips for Innovators

Space is Still Hard. Two weeks ago, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon module, the spaceship that’s supposed to get the U.S. back in the astronaut space taxi game, went up in smoke. SpaceX and NASA would not share any details, until this week when SpaceX admitted the worst: the module was destroyed. Not only is it a loss of millions of dollars in equipment and countless man hours, the mishap likely throws a wrench in SpaceX’s plans to fly astronauts in a Crew Dragon module in 2019. As a result, American astronauts may be relying on the Russians and their Soyuz rocket to ferry them to and from the International Space Station at least through the rest of this year
SpaceX confirms its Crew Dragon capsule, built to carry humans, was destroyed during a test fire - CNN
Tell me a virtual story. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time virtual worlds. First with Oculus’ awesome new Quest headset and then at a film festival. That’s right, filmmakers are into VR, too, so into it that they set up a Virtual Arcade at the Tribeca Film Festival. The VR experiences, most of them under 30 minutes, were all pretty wild and some packed an emotional punch. I think I just saw the future of storytelling.
Postcards from the VR Arcade – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
A true classic. Long before I played Fortnite on my phone – decades, really–I was obsessed with Solitaire on my PC. I played and played until I won and got to watch all the cards bounce away. It wasn’t just me, obviously. Microsoft Solitaire captivated a generation of Windows users. In fact, it still does. Now, the game’s popularity is being recognized with a spot in the Video Game Hall of Fame. I can think of no more worthy recipient of this gaming honor.
Microsoft Solitaire Inducted Into Video Game Hall of Fame | News & Opinion |
The path to success. Technology is full of entrepreneurs and innovators. I’ve met a ton of them. Sometimes they arrive with a full-formed and excellent idea. Other times, it’s an idea that shows potential, but needs something. Occasionally, it’s a terrible product or service developed in a vacuum. I’ve seen it all and now, I have some guidance for would-be innovators and inventors.
10 Questions All Would-Be Innovators Should Ask Themselves
Chain link. If you wanted more proof that the future of blockchain is not crypto-coin in your pocket, look no future than Microsoft. The company’s been slowly building up some Blockchain dev kits in its Azure Cloud and yesterday it added a full Blockchain Service, which will allow developers to build applications on top of the ledger-based technology. Yup, this is about the enterprise and companies that use Blockchain in their backend systems. The announcement is basically a tease for Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference next week, where the company is expected to unveil more dev tools and some consumer-facing technology, as well.
Microsoft launches a fully managed blockchain service – TechCrunch
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