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April 29 · Issue #177 · View online

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Facebook’s Land of the Dead; Spotify Hits 100M; Why Apple Removed Apps; Sending Musk to His Corner

I see dead people. On Facebook. A new study says that fifty years from now the number of dead people on Facebook will outnumber the living. I know this sounds like plot of a zombie film or maybe Game of Thrones, but it’s not. This is science that says based on a couple of growth scenarios that Facebook’s largest archive will be for people no longer with us. And that’s raising whole new collection of concerns. Perhaps it’s time to designate a legacy contact.
Facebook will be overrun by dead people within 50 years, researchers say | Fox News
Play on. Spotify, which reported earnings on Monday, just hit a major milestone. The music-streaming service reported that it has 100M paying subscribers. That’s a huge deal in the streaming game and puts Spotify way ahead of competitors like Apple Music. That bit of news has to sting for Apple, which reports its earnings tomorrow. Unless, of course, it can also report a big spike in paying users.
Spotify hits 100 million paid subscribers
App wars. Speaking of Apple, the company had some ‘splaining to do after a The New York Times reported that the company was removing screen time management apps from the App Store, ones that ostensibly might have competed with Apple’s own, new Screen Time utility. Apple, however, countered with a lengthy statement explaining that those apps were removed because they violated Apple’s privacy and security policies.
Apple defends its takedown of some apps monitoring screen-time – TechCrunch
Commence facepalm. Yet another treasure trove of user data has been found exposed on a database by security researchers. This time, it’s details for 80 million users. Anyone who has the IP address for this database can access this data. Fortunately, the researchers at not publishing that info. Here’s why you should care: If your info for one account is in that database and you happen to use the same password for all your accounts (maybe even your bank account), well, you can guess what could happen.
Exposed database reveals details on over 80 million US households - CNET
Tweet Nanny. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission have come to an agreement, one that basically gives Musk a very strict Twitter nanny. This is someone who will watch his tweets for anything that smacks of, say, a forward-looking or misleading business statements. Remember that time Musk announced on Twitter he might be taking Tesla private? That will probably never happen again.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Get a Stricter Twitter Babysitter | WIRED
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