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LanceList - Issue #169

UK Getting Tough on Tech; Tesla vs. Potholes; Windows Under Control


April 8 · Issue #169 · View online
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UK Getting Tough on Tech; Tesla vs. Potholes; Windows Under Control

Getting tough. The UK wants to enact some very strict content rules that will have a major impact on Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Google, and others. The government hopes to pass a law that will force any company that hosts apps and content that feature hate, self-harm, terrorism or other such content to censor them by delisting, blocking or demoting such apps and images. The proposed regulations might never become law, but they might also be so ill-defined that virtually any app or platform where someone posts something objectionable could suddenly become impossible to find and download.
Apple, Google, and Facebook could be forced to censor apps and sites featuring 'harmful' content under new UK laws
If you can’t fill them. We’re not the only ones beaten up at the end of a long, hard winter. Our roads have had it, too. The stress of ice, salt, and sand has left our streets looking like very dark swiss cheese, with deep potholes waiting to destroy our tires and our nerves. We know our local government will get around to fixing them, eventually. But what if our cars could detect and maneuver around potholes automatically? Apparently, that’s the plan for Tesla’s fleet of semi-autonomous cars. This may be the best reason yet to hope for an all self-driving future.
Tesla Autopilot will be able to avoid potholes on the road, says Elon Musk - Electrek
More Windows control. I like how Windows is now constantly changing with small redesign and feature updates, but I’m an outlier. Most Windows users hate launching Windows to find that the software giant has moved, demoted and completely redesigned a feature. Starting next month, Microsoft will stop forcing those feature updates (security will still happen no matter what), giving users up to 35 days to install them.
Microsoft lets Windows users off the update leash – Naked Security
Take note. Samsung’s popular stylus sporting Galaxy Note is expected to get a major update for its tenth anniversary edition. But now some analysts believe that we won’t just see one Note. Like the Galaxy S10 before it, there’ll be a collection of Note devices to choose from.
Samsung now expected to launch four Galaxy Note 10 models - SamMobile
GPS Reset. If your GPS started acting wacky over the weekend, there’s a good reason for it. GPS systems just had their own Y2K moment. A counter that all GPS systems use for calibration reset (as it does every 20 years) on Saturday possibly throwing some older or out-of-date GPS systems out of whack. How’s your GPS?
Have an older GPS? ‘Rollover’ event could cause you some problems
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