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LanceList - Issue #166

April Fools is Here; Goodbye AirPower; Happy Birthday Gmail; Reddit Takes Action


April 1 · Issue #166 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

April Fools is Here; Goodbye AirPower; Happy Birthday Gmail; Reddit Takes Action

Beware: Today is the day I announce my candidacy for the President of the United States….Right, exactly. It’s that day, the one where you can’t trust a single thing people say or write and when major companies draw you into silly, time-wasting activities. Welcome to April Fool’s Day. So far I’ve stumbled on Screen Cleaner from Google, which promises to dislodge dirt from your smartphone screen, talking flowers, Bing’s boat bears, and Google’s time-sucking Snakes game in Maps. I admit, I was once a huge April Fools fan and participant. If you’re into this sort of stuff and don’t feel like hunting around for the best of them, you might want to check out this growing list.
Laugh until you vomit: The best jokes from April Fools’ Day 2019
Apple’s surprise. Last week I reviewed Apple’s new AirPods with Wireless Charging case. It’s a product we’ve known about for almost two years, but when Apple finally shipped the wireless charging case, I assumed the AirPower charging platform was close behind. Nope. Not only is AirPower not close. It’s gone. Apple has punted on AirPower, saying it just wasn’t going to live up to Apple standards – and no, this wasn’t an early April Fool’s joke. Knowing Apple as I do, I was shocked and have some thoughts on what this all means.
Apple Kills the AirPower and, With It, A Little Bit of Our Trust
Bad kitten. You can stop hackers with complex countermeasures or, sometimes, by simply shutting down the domains they use to attract, lure, and attack their victims. That’s what Microsoft just did with a hacking group known as Charming Kitten or Phosphorus. Microsoft served papers to have 99 of their domains shuttered, which kills a large number of phishing sites masquerading as legitimate business web sites.
Microsoft slaps down 99 APT35/Charming Kitten domains – Naked Security
Happy Birthday Gmail. I remember the early days of Google’s Gmail, when it was an invite-only service. I was an early adopter and recall building up a digital basket of invites that I parsed out to friends, family and random readers desperate to get on Google’s free email platform. Just a few weeks after launch, though, some people were freaking out because Google planned to run contextual ads in Gmail, basing them on what the system could glean from the context of your messages. There was a public outcry. Gmail survived the storm and eventually stopped running ads inside the mail app. Now at 15, Gmail is about to get a few new key features that people actually want.
Happy 15th birthday to Gmail, which is about to get a great feature we’ve been waiting for – BGR
Getting along. The gaming community has a problem, especially in forums where avid gamers talk about gaming. In Reddit’s popular r/games community, participants regularly attack marginalized groups and minorities. Moderators have tried to manage the situation, but finally realized stronger action was needed. So, they’ve shut the forum down for a day and instead put up a moderator post explaining the action, the problem and how the forum and, perhaps, the 1.6 million gamers who participate in it, need to change. That kind of reset is not a bad idea of other forums and social media platforms. What do you think? A day of social media silence for all? What would that do?
No fooling: Reddit’s r/games goes silent for one day to call out hate, bigotry | Ars Technica
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