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LanceList - Issue #161

All About Stadia; Sense of Direction; Adult Tech; Netflix Out


March 20 · Issue #161 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

All About Stadia; Sense of Direction; Adult Tech; Netflix Out

Gaming unleashed. Stadia, Google’s new cloud-based, console-level gaming platform made its official debut yesterday at the Game Developers Conference. There are already streaming platforms that let you download games from the cloud and virtually all game systems support multiplayer gaming, but there’s never been anything quite like this. Google’s games will run in the cloud and ramp up instances and CPUs as needed to support more powerful games and, eventually, thousands of battle royale players. It also means you play the game on the screen of your choice. There is a little hardware in the form of a special, WiFi-based Stadia Controller. It includes a dedicated Google Assistant button. That’s right. Stuck in a game? You can ask Google Assistant for help without leaving the game. Google’s busy lining up developers (first and third party) to build games on its cloud platform. They already got ID (Doom), but in order for Stadia to be truly successful, it needs must have-games. Things like pricing and availability remain fuzzy. All we know is that Stadia is coming sometime this year.
Stadia: everything you need to know about Google's game-streaming service | TechRadar
Which way. Do you think you have a good sense of direction? I do – 50% of the time. Scientists wonder if humans, like other animals may be able to sense the earth’s magnetic fields. If you can do that, then you may actually have a sense of direction because you can intuitively feel the North Pole.. Some early studies indicate that this is the case, but other scientists remain unconvinced. In the meantime, I’ll stick with Google Maps.
Pole position: human body might be able to pick up on Earth's magnetic field | Science | The Guardian
Hard core tech. It’s an unfortunate fact of tech progress that those leading the way are often naked. What I mean is the adult content industry has helped drive the Internet, streaming, HD (and going way back, VHS) into the mainstream. Guess what? It’s happening again. I’ve seen it 🤦‍♂️, I believe it.
The World’s Gone Mad, but at Least We Have AR Porn – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Space bug. Did you know space turns bacteria into superbugs that can spread like mad? Don’t worry, NASA and scientists are all over this and have developed some very cool technology that’s helping to clean up the International Space Station’s dirtiest room. See if you can guess which one it is before clicking the link.
Scientists are trying to make the International Space Station’s bathroom a little less gross – BGR
Going it alone. In case there was any doubt that Apple will announce its own TV service on Monday, frenemy Netflix has gotten out in front of the potential news to let the world know it will not be joining Apple’s platform. Netflix already lives on Apple TV, right next to Amazon Prime Video, but it has no interest in having its home-grown content compete directly with what Apple Studios is producing for its service.
Netflix says it will not join Apple TV service
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