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LanceList - Issue #16

The Big Facebook Question, So long Lytro, Mr. Rogers


March 21 · Issue #16 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

The Big Facebook Question, So long Lytro, Mr. Rogers

To delete or not to delete. People are angry, at each other, at the government, but mostly, right now, at Facebook. The company kind of lost control of a lot of customer data and now many are thinking about exiting the digital watering hole for good. Personally, I think there may be another way.
Is deleting Facebook the answer?
Google gobble. Google is, according to reports, set to acquire the camera company Lytro. For a hot second, Lytro was the next big thing in imaging. Its light field technology let you take a photo and then continuously adjust the depth of field to your liking. This meant that everything in the shot could be in focus, just things in the foreground, just some stuff in the middle distance, or maybe one guy standing way in the back. It was amazing at the time, but now with Portrait Mode and Selfie Focus on our cameras, we don’t need a separate piece of technology to do that trick. That’s why Google is getting that IP for a song.
Google is reportedly acquiring Lytro for around $40 million
AI power for mobile business. IBM’s Watson is a powerful cloud-based artificial intelligence that businesses are using for everything from diagnosing illness and searching for cancer cures to making a better soufflé. Now IBM partner Apple (yes, Apple) is teaming up with them on the mobile side, connecting their powerful CoreML, mobile-based Machine Learning tools to Watson apps on iOS devices. This could lead to some very powerful mobile apps.
A new era of the smart enterprise
A little kindness. Stop everything and watch this trailer. You will feel warm inside and, maybe, tear up a little.
Won't You Be My Neighbor? Watch the trailer"
Snow for the spring. As I write this, we’re getting hit with our fourth Nor'easter in as many weeks. At least I have technology to make it “fun.”
Shooting this ice storm, soon-to-be-snow-storm, in 960 fps doesn't make it any better.
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