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LanceList - Issue #158

Apple's Unfair Practices; Project xCloud; Google Plus Saviors; Moon Rocks


March 13 · Issue #158 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Apple’s Unfair Practices; Project xCloud; Google Plus Saviors; Moon Rocks

No fair, Apple. Spotify has had enough. Apple, which develops iOS, owns the App Store, and, obviously, also has its own music subscription service, has, as this music competitor sees it, an unfair advantage. After trying to work out a deal with Apple, Spotify has thrown its lot in with the European Commission, which it hopes can tackle what Spotify sees as Apple’s anti-competitive practices. Europe loves regulations and fines, so this might not turn out too well for Apple.
Spotify files complaint against Apple in Europe over 'unfair' fees and restrictions | VentureBeat
No Xbox, no problem. Microsoft’s plans for a cloud-based game streaming service, Project xCloud, are finally coming into focus. This week, the company demonstrated games streaming from its cloud service to an iPad. Microsoft insists that such a service isn’t a console replacement, but another option to play Xbox games where and when you want.
Microsoft demonstrates xCloud game streaming a week before Google’s ‘future of gaming’ event
Next big Apple show. In case you missed it, Apple’s long rumored late March event is now a reality. I got my invite on Monday (yes, I’m going) and while the invite doesn’t reveal anything about the contents of the event, everyone expects it to revolve around Apple’s new streaming service. According to one report, though, Apple is still in hustle mode, trying to get a few key holdout content providers to join the service before the big unveil.
Apple Races to Get Studios Signed Up for New Streaming Service - Bloomberg
Second life for Google Plus. Google’s beleaguered social network, Google Plus, is shutting down later this year. Having never really warmed to it, I won’t miss it much. However, millions of individuals and a fair number of small businesses did rely on it. Now some programmers are figuring out how they might be able to successfully recreate Google Plus posts and comments elsewhere. It’s a hack, to be sure, but also, possibly, a sort of second life for Google’s soon-to-be abandoned service.
Google+ Communities Won’t Go Down Without a Fight | Hackaday
Enough waiting. NASA is preparing to analyze samples brought back from the moon 50 years ago. Why did they wait so long? A half century ago, NASA didn’t have the technology to properly analyze them. Between this and NASA’s renewed plans to head back to the moon, we’re entering a whole new phase of lunar discovery.
NASA will open moon samples from the Apollo missions nearly 50 YEARS after they were brought back | Daily Mail Online
P.S.S. Game history
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