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LanceList - Issue #155

A Disc-free Xbox; Space Probe Takes Pic; Galaxy Bud Review; Electric Car Wars


March 6 · Issue #155 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

A Disc-free Xbox; Space Probe Takes Pic; Galaxy Bud Review; Electric Car Wars

What will GameStop do. Recently Samsung gave up on Blu-Ray player production. The trend is digital media streamed to set-top-boxes, so who needs these players anymore? Now gaming systems like Microsoft’s Xbox One might be joining this trend. A new rumor has the company launching a disc-less game system in May. One big issue with this idea is backwards compatibility for all the legacy games that only exist in disc form. That concern could cause Microsoft to pump the breaks a bit, but it won’t stop it and other game system companies from eventually dropping disc drives altogether. It’s the wave of the future.
Microsoft's 'All-Digital' Xbox One could launch in May
A modern space traveler. If you’re flying to the moon in 2019, you absolutely must pause to take a selfie. Unmanned, Israeli moon prob Beresheet didn’t exactly stop 23,360 miles away from Earth, but it did snap a picture that captures part of it and Earth in the background. Next month, the small craft will land on the moon (making Israel one of only three countries to do so so far) with some tests and an inspiring time capsule. Wonder if it’ll take another selfie when it gets there.
Israeli Spacecraft Snaps Ultimate Selfie on Maiden Mission to Moon - News18
He made math easier. We take our calculators, the ones we carried to math class and those living as software on our smartphones for granted, but it’s a good bet none of that (and maybe much more in the way of electronics) would have existed without Jerry Merryman, a brilliant co-inventor of the calculator. Merryman is not credited with cooking up the idea, but he did come up with the circuitry while working at Texas Instruments. He passed away this week at 86. Thanks, Jerry, I never had to learn how to do calculus because of you.
Jerry Merryman, 'brilliant' man who was an inventor of the calculator, dies
Rising Leafs. Lest you think Tesla is the only electric car game in town, Nissan just marked an important milestone with its all-electric Leaf, selling a record 400,000 cars. That’s more electric cars than, yes, Tesla, but most people believe the latest $35,000 Model 3 will help Tesla quickly pull even. I’m betting Tesla’s hoping that, too, as investors get a little skittish about its ability to sell cars without showrooms and its cash burn.
Nissan says the Leaf is the first EV to surpass 400,000 sales - Autoblog
The word on Galaxy Buds. As you know, I’m a big fan of Apple’s AirPods and I’ve seen evidence of them selling very, very well. So, has Samsung, which now has its own Galaxy Buds. The design is a little more in-the-ear, but the concept – instant pairing, long battery life, touch controls – is mostly the same. So how’s the execution? I think this review sums it up nicely. It’s basically close, but not quite.
Samsung's Galaxy Buds aren't as good as AirPods... but they're close
SXSW 2019. The sprawling interactive, music and film festival in the heart of Texas (that’s Austin), kicks off on March 8. While there, I’ll be partnering up with Capital One at the famous Antones where I’ll host some fascinating panels on technology, stream live on social media and listen to some amazing bands. I’ll also be running around the event meeting fascinating people and telling equally fascinating tales. Before packing my bags, I got a preview from the event’s lead programmer Hugh Forrest.
Why So Serious SXSW 2019?
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