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LanceList - Issue #154

New Tesla Coming; Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review; SpaceX Crew Dragon Win


March 4 · Issue #154 · View online
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New Tesla Coming; Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review; SpaceX Crew Dragon Win

Electric news. Tesla’s had a busy two weeks. Last week, the electric car company announced that it was finally delivering the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 it promised two years ago. Over the weekend Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a launch date for the new Model Y Crossover SUV, which will be unveiled on March 14. Unlike the pickup truck Tesla’s working on, the Model Y isn’t likely to be a reinvention of the form. It will share a lot of parts and DNA with the Model 3. As for looks, range, and other specs, sit tight until next week.
Tesla Model Y SUV will be unveiled March 14th - The Verge
Samsung’s Triumph. Samsung’s gleaming slab of a phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10+, arrived in my home the day after the company unveiled it and a handful of other phones (including that folding one) in San Francisco. Put simply, the 6.4-inch Android 9 phone is an excellent device, with a gorgeous, edge-to-edge screen, awesome battery life, and great cameras. Features like being nearly waterproof and wireless power sharing are bonuses. It’s not perfect, but the nits I did find are virtually all fixable via a software update or two. This $999 handset is likely to be Samsung’s most popular seller. If you’re considering buying, you should read my full review first.
Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ Is a Nearly Perfect Android
Bravo. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship successfully launched over the weekend and, a half day later, docked with the International Space Station. This is the first commercial, passenger-ready spaceship to ever do so. Crew Dragon did have a crew, of sorts, but this being a test-flight, it was just a single dummy named Ripley. Ripley was there as a human proxy, gathering data that SpaceX and NASA will use to determine if the flight is safe for live astronauts when a fully crewed Crew Dragon takes off in July.
SpaceX Crew Dragon nails crucial test: Docking with the space station
No no Momo. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Momo Challenge” or, at the very least, seen an image of that horror show. It’s everywhere, but Momo doesn’t mean what you think it does. It’s is a long-running hoax that needs to be stopped. I have some thoughts.
Momo Challenge Is Everything That’s Wrong with the Internet
Counter attack. The U.S. Government has been doing all it can to keep Chinese tech company Huawei from selling telecom products to U.S. Federal Agencies. The idea is that Chinese tech companies have such close ties to the Chinese government that the tech they build could be used to satisfy Chinese Communist party objectives. Huawei, apparently, has had enough and is about to sue to force the U.S. government to reveal exactly what it knows about the company.
Huawei will reportedly sue the US government this week
P.S. But what about the mice?
P.S.S. Messenger has a dark mode.
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