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LanceList - Issue #153

The Next AirPods; Inside Siri Shortcuts; Crew Dragon Launch; Fortnite


March 1 · Issue #153 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

The Next AirPods; Inside Siri Shortcuts; Crew Dragon Launch; Fortnite

Apple rumor mill. With all the rumors about some kind of Apple product event in late March and Apple’s own history of holding early spring events, it’s not hard to believe Apple will hold a launch event this month (or early next month). Most rumors point to an AirPower, iPad, and AirPod unveil. The new twist is a rumor that has Apple not only updating its popular Bluetooth audio devices, but that it will stop selling the first edition AirPods in favor of AirPods 2 as soon as the new ones are released. Normally, I’d say this is a dumb idea (Apple prefers to sell original models at lower prices), but Apple has struggled with making enough AirPods to keep up with demand, which means inventories are low – maybe very low. So, switching to the new models might be easy. We’ll see.
Sketchy report suggests AirPods 2 will be available to purchase starting March 29
Take a shortcut. Siri Shortcuts have been around for almost a year, but the voice-activated quick path to deeper app functions hasn’t really caught on with consumers. I think some recent updates might change all that.
Is Siri Shortcuts Just Misunderstood? – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Back to space. It’s been years since an American-made rocket carried astronauts to the International Space Station, but that’s set to change this summer – if a crucial test goes well tomorrow. On March 2, SpaceX Crew Dragon will launch and begin its journey to the ISS. Since this is a test, there won’t be any living crew on it, just a very well-dressed dummy named Ripley. The dummy’s role in this flight isn’t just for kicks. Ripley is tricked out with sensors and will deliver critical telemetry to the ground crew as they prepared for a manned mission in July. Set your alarm, Crew Dragon lifts off at 2:48 AM ET.
SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-1 Flight to Space Station: What to Expect | Space
Game On. I don’t play a lot of games, but I have to say I enjoy Fortnite on a smartphone. I’m terrible at it and, if I’m playing solo, I die quickly. I’m much more useful in a squad. Still, I love running around the ever-changing island, hunting for guns, ammo and other treasures, building hideaways, and doing the occasional dance. The game is broken up into seasons and, with each new one, developers make significant changes that alter gameplay and keep the entertainment factor high. Season 8, though, may be a high-water mark with pirates, ninjas and a volcano.
Fortnite Season 8's New Map Changes And Updates Detailed - GameSpot
Ticked Off. TikTok, a highly popular teen social app just got slapped with a massive FTC fine for illegally collecting data from children under 13 and not doing enough to remove information and videos for these under-age users. Most of this happened with the app, which was swallowed up by TikTok and the newer app does appear to have much stricter sign-up controls. Still, it’s another reminder that most apps do little to verify the ages of their users. Maybe a landmark fine like this will put them all on notice.
TikTok is the latest social media platform accused of abusing children’s privacy — now it’s paying up
Healthy Data. As Apple nudges deeper into the healthcare space, it, like many other tech companies, is facing tougher questions on privacy. After all, few things are more sensitive that our own personal health data. Apple CEO Tim Cook has an answer, though.
Trusting Apple With Health Records. Can Apple Live Up To Privacy Values? : NPR
P.S.S. Biometric Security should be better than this.
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